know. I’ve never been the patient sort.

The spud is now in Rhode Island. She flew from Orange County, California to Rhode Island on Sunday, and according to her itinerary was to land in Rhode Island at 7:30 Eastern time. I waited and waited and waited for her to call, and when it had been 2 hours since her flight landed she still hadn’t called, I sucked it up and called her father’s apartment. They’d decided to go out to eat on the way home, and had just walked through the door when I called. All was fine, nothing went wrong, and now she’s spending a week with her father and his fiancee before going up to Maine. I can officially stop worrying about the spud having to fly on her own, since she won’t again, at least this summer. She called this morning to talk to me. She’s getting a little better about talking on the phone, but there are still too many long, long silences. I got an earful about her father and his fiancee, how they’re looking for a new apartment, but can’t seem to find one they like, how they only have marshmallows in the house (mmm.. marshmallows), because instead of keeping a store of food they go out each night and buy whatever they need to to make dinner, how Lisa (the fiancee) was at work, and was going to call in sick tomorrow so they could go to the zoo. You know – more than I ever really wanted to know about the ex and his fiancee, really. At least the spud is good at forthcoming with the details. If she knows the answer, she’ll tell me, which is a good thing, considering my nosiness.
In my comments yesterday, reader Elana pointed out that Tubby looks an awful lot like Cartman, from South Park. I definitely see the resemblance.
A definite good mail day today. I checked the PO box to find a t-shirt from the wonderful Rachael. Is that perfect for me, or what? In fact, as I told Rachael when I emailed to thank her, I think that my new journal tagline should be Bitchypoo – just one big fuckin’ ray of sunshine.
After some coaxing… Miz Poo… …shows that damn Hand O’ Evil just exactly who’s the boss ’round these parts. ]]>