Jenniffer sent me the link to this at the beginning of the month, and it absolutely cracks me up. Check it out. And also, thanks to reader Tammy, who sent me this link. I’ve seen it before, but it had been a while, so I enjoyed reading it again. I’m thinking that’s something that would happen to us. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

In the most recent copy of People, there’s an article about Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, talking about how they’re so in loooove. So all I can wonder is whether Melissa Mathison (Harrison’s ex-wife, or soon-to-be) sees the cover of him talking about how in love he is, and thinks “Motherfucker. He never told People how he was soooooo in love with me when WE were together!” Harrison Ford, it seems, is into long-term monogamy. He was married to his first wife for 20 years, and his second wife for about the same. I guess in 2023, we’ll be hearing about the Ford/ Flockhart breakup, and how he’s dating Carys Zeta Douglas (that would be the 2 month-old daughter of Catherine Z-J and Michael Douglas, for the uninformed out there. And it scares me that I knew not only the child’s name, but approximately how old she is.)
I’m going to stop mentioning The Fancy One all the time. Assume that he’s still gone if I haven’t said he’s back – though if he shows up, you know the second thing (after calling Fred) I’ll do is post to let y’all know. Thanks for all your suggestions, but I really do think we’ve done everything we can do to let everyone in the neighborhood know to keep an eye out for him, and there’s no inch in the house that has gone unchecked in our search. I really do suspect that he’s honoring another family with his Fancy ways, and when he gets bored with that, he’ll mosey on home.
We decided last night that I’ll definitely be flying to Maine in July, rather than driving. Originally, I was going to drive to Maine to bring the spud’s old computer with me, to give to my nephew Brian. Then I discovered that the spud’s old computer is a piece of shit, and won’t even play The Sims (which Brian loves to play) and that the computer Brian has now is actually a better computer than the spud has. Then, after looking at ticket prices, we thought I should drive to save money (it really pisses me off that a one-way ticket from Portland to Huntsville costs as much as a round-trip. That’s bullshit, it really is). But after checking out the price of renting a car (we no longer trust our Jeeps to get me to Maine and back) and then renting a room one night on the way there and one night on the way back, it’s not really that much more expensive to fly. And it takes up a lot less time, which is always a good thing. So flying it is.
We had yet another visit from the squirrel who comes by to partake of the bird seed we provide. (“Partake” always makes me think of Billy Crystal saying “But I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie.” in When Harry Met Sally.) We recently bought some cheap tinfoil sheets to put on the ground under the bird feeders, to catch all the bird seed the bastardly Blue Jay likes to toss on the ground. The ground feeders seem to like it, because they can feed from the ground, and it keeps the seed from piling up and attracting flies and all sorts of bugs. We put a neoprene weight on each sheet to keep it anchored. The squirrel was rather pleased, it seemed, that he wouldn’t be required to climb up to the bird feeders this time around. “Mmm… so nice of those And3rsons to put out seed for me…” “Did I just hear the whining sound of a small animal – a portly cat perhaps?” “Where on earth is that sound coming from?” “Oh, heavens! A kitty coming after me!” Somehow, despite the fact that Miz Poo sat under the tree for at least an hour, watching for that damn squirrel to come down, I failed to get a picture of her.]]>