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* * *
Fred called from work this morning to let me know that Strong Funds has been up to some unethical shenanigans, and that Morningstar and Motley Fool were strongly suggesting avoidance of Strong Funds. You know, Strong Funds. Where Fred has his retirement account, we have the spud’s college fund, and we have an additional investing fund. “Hey!” I said. “Maybe we could lose all our money! That would make this month even BETTER!” So, we’re pulling out of Strong, even though the customer service rep Fred spoke to claimed that it was nothing but a bunch of lies. “Well, Morningstar highly recommends pulling out,” Fred pointed out. “You know, Morningstar. Whom you guys LOVE to quote in all your literature.” The rep had nothing to say to that.
* * *
I watched Madonna on Oprah yesterday. I’m not a big Madonna fan, but it was a fairly interesting interview. Oprah pointed out – and I agree – that Madonna seems calmer and more centered these days than she used to. I think she needs to keep the platinum blond hair, too. She looked great. Speaking of TV shows, we only got a chance to watch the first 10 minutes of Joe Schmo last night and taped the rest (we had to pick the spud up from her youth group at the church), but after reading Mo’s post on the subject, I’m definitely dying to know what happened! But don’t tell me, ’cause we’re going to watch it tonight. Oh, and SURVIVOR STARTS TOMORROW NIGHT! WHEE! Thanks so much to reader Alice, who emailed to remind me. For some reason I had thought that it started next week, and I would have been SO pissed if I’d missed the first show. Luckily, I won’t! I still think we need TiVo.
* * *
Okay, no nekkidness in our German Man picture today – I’m saving the last AKT picture for Friday – but note that yesterday we had a Phil Collins/ Kevin Spacey/ Dave Matthews lookalike today we have…
Bill Murray!
Oh, and someone pointed out in yesterday’s comments that the guy in yesterday’s picture appeared to be wearing panties. Which reminded me of when my nephew Brian was small and he’d be running around the apartment nekkid, and Debbie would say “Brian, come put your panties on!” Our friend Liz would have the biggest fit about that, yelling “They’re not PANTIES! They’re underwear! If you keep calling them PANTIES, he’s going to grow up to be gay!” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. I’m just hoping that Brian grows up to be really famous so I can sell the picture of him at the age of two wearing a pair of the spud’s pink tights, one of Debbie’s bras, and a pair of cowboy boots to the tabloids for BIG bucks.
* * *
Also, for those of you who think that Fred should make a movie of himself scaring me so that I scream, this is what that movie would sound like: “::gasp!:: GodDAMN you scared the shit out of me! ::smack::”
* * * Spot’s such a sweetheart. Even though he was chasing Spanky around trying to kick his ass last night. I’m sure Spanky needed his ass kicked.