Cricket. 1. Are you a good bitch or a bad bitch? (There’s a pronounced difference, as all true bitches would know.) I’m a good bitch, of course. Except when I’m being a bad bitch. All good bitches have their bad bitch moments, but usually they’re few (pms) and far (pms) between. 2. How long did you live in Canada? As a Canadian myself – one that only acknowledges Southern Ontario as being Canada – what was it like living in Labrador? I was pretty young – about 2 years old – but we probably only lived in Labrador 1 – 2 years. And all I remember is that it was reallly collllllld. Which is probably why I tend to think of Canada as a frozen wasteland. 3. How do you feel about telling people that you met your husband online? Does the stigma that tends to come with that bother you? I’m fine with telling people that we met online, though I don’t volunteer the information unless asked. Meeting the love of your life online is more common these days than it was 7 years ago (but even then it wasn’t completely unheard of), and if someone’s weirded out by the fact that we met online, I can always point to the fact that (as of next month) we’ve been happily married for 5 years and are still going strong. 4. Does Fred like cats or is this a one-sided furbaby romance? Fred loves cats as much as I do, thank god! In fact he said earlier today that the house seems empty with only (!) 4 cats. 5. I lived in New England for 2 years but never made it to Maine. Did I miss anything? You did! It’s gorgeous there, it has it’s own feel – when I’m in Maine, I’m very conscious of the fact that I’m not in one of the other New England states. I love it there, and you must visit it! All of you! Chop-chop! 6. You watch Spike TV, the new channel for men. We have it too. What do you think of it? There are certain shows I like – I definitely want to see how Joe Schmo turnes out! – but there’s this awful dubbed show with people running goofy obstacle courses. Fred LOVES it and must ALWAYS stop and watch it, but I loathe it and have to run from the room. So I’d say so-so on the Spike TV. 7. Do you have a favorite cat? If so, why? Miz Poo is my favorite. She knows it, all the boy cats know it, and everyone in the house knows it. She’s my bayyyyyyyybeeee, and always has been more needy and cuddly than the boy cats. The boys will let themselves be held for a minute or two, but they’re like “Oh, enough of THAT!” and will run off. Miz Poo will pretty much let you hug and cuddle her 24 hours a day. 8. My job consists of baby-sitting a three year old 20 hours a day. Sometimes my being a “stay at home” drives me insane. Do you sometimes wish you worked outside the home? Almost never. On the rare occasion that I wish I had a job to go to and keep me busy, I remember how much I like doing what I want to do when I want to, and I stop thinking about looking for a job. Of course, I have a lot more autonomy than you do, since I don’t need to worry about a three year-old! 🙂 9. Do you miss the north? I miss it an awful lot sometimes. I know that I’ll never drag Fred to Maine when we retire, though, so I have to be happy with my yearly visits. 10. What does the spud call Fred? Does she ever see the sperm donor? She calls him Fred. (Heh – did anyone else get a flash of “My name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump”?) We talked about having her call him “Dad” (she calls her father “Daddy”) or “Pop”, but she seemed most comfortable with “Fred.” She talks to her father on the phone about once a week, and spends time with him in the summer. They have a pretty good relationship, but it’s less father-daughter and more two equals who like to goof off and hang out and fart at each other. (Okay. I’m assuming about the farting, but it’s a pretty solid assumption.) Most of her father-daughter experiences come from Fred’s direction, which is not a dis at her father – there’s only so much parenting you can do with a phone call a week and a visit in the summer. I’m just glad we’ve got Fred to do the dad stuff.

* * *
Kat, didn’t you say your order was for a blond? Meet Dirk. Dirk would like you to admire his unicorn tattoo while he sizzles and fries in the hot German sun. Dirk is a happy, happy man. Dirk is very close to orange. Perhaps you can introduce him to sunblock?
* * *
The birds are very, very happy that a car ended up in our back yard last week. Why? Because although the fence that belongs to us is already fixed, there’s a section of fence dividing our yard from the neighbor’s yard that belongs to them that isn’t replaced yet. I think they’re probably going to go through their homeowner’s insurance to have it fixed, and since we all know that insurance companies are lightning-quick to act when you’re slow on a payment but molasses-slow when it might cost them some money, I suspect it’s going to be a while. Here’s a shot of the happy, happy birds.
It’s like that out there ALL DAY LONG, and we’re going through bird seed at a frightening speed (poet. knowit.). Miz Poo sits on one of the boxes by the window and watches sadly. Except when the squirrel – who’s getting a bit tubby – moseys down from his tree to partake of the sunflower seeds. Then she chatters sadly. Poor Miz Poo.