SURVIVOR SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION. Okay, Andrew, love ya lots, but get over yourself. You really pissed me off with the way you opted to vote Lillian off instead of Darrah, despite the fact that Lillian worked her ass off and Darrah did nothing but sit on hers. Also, when Lillian asked you to let her know what you’d decided, did you? Not so much. What a shocker that Lillian would decide to vote your ass off. Buh-bye! Oh, and also? When you were standing by the fire with Lillian and saying “Well, YOU aren’t going anywhere next tribal council, it will be one of US, because YOU are immune!”, I was hoping like hell that Lillian would smile and say “Yeah. SUCKS to be you, doesn’t it??” or “To tell the truth, Andrew, I’d like to see YOU go.” But Lillian held her tongue. I love the fact that she came back and fucked Andrew over, although I’ll admit that I for some reason find her a tad creepy. I think Rupert takes himself a little seriously, by the way. But I love him. I can’t help myself! I think the girls should gang up and vote off all the guys, really. But then, I always think that. Heh. Did Mush Mouth say a single word last night? I sure do miss her melodic voice.

* * *
In lieu of a real entry, I’m going to fall back on a survey thingy which I have stolen from the lovely Athena, who stole it from someone else, so that I can declare this entry finished and go snuggle on the couch with the Bean and Stephen King. Fair enough? A: Actor. Oh, let’s say Christopher Meloni. We’ve seen a great deal of the Meloni penis lately while watching Oz, and any actor who’s willing to show his penis that frequently and also lay the serious liplock on another guy every now and then is aces with me. B: Boyhood Idols. (How about a girlhood idol?) Jamie Sommers. Also known as The Bionic Woman. C: Chore You Hate. Just about all of them, but I reserve a special hatred for vacuuming the stairs, because they look crappy before I vacuum and they still look crappy after I finish. Damn carpeted stairs. I swear, with god as my witness, I will never! have carpeted stairs! ever again! D: Dad’s Name. Marvin. But I won’t tell you his nickname. Sorry, stalkers! E: Essential Video In Collection. When Harry Met Sally. F: Favorite Actress. I don’t really have a favorite. Let’s say that cute little Amber Tamblyn, aka Joan of Arcadia. Interesting (though “interesting” may be overstating it a tad) bit of trivia – Amber’s father Russ played Dr. Lawrence Jacoby in Twin Peaks. The first time I saw her last name, I wondered if they were related. Yes, I’m a dork. G: Gold or Silver. I almost never wear jewelry, but I have no particular preference for either gold or silver. My wedding band and engagement ring are gold. H: Hometown. Lisb0n Falls, Maine. I: Instruments Played. None. Well, I played the guitar for a few months when I was 10 or so. I actually learned all the chords to play “Take me Home, Country Roads”, and it sounded a lot like: strum, strum, strum (long pause while changing chords) strum, strum, strum (long pause), etc. Speaking of that song, here’s a story to showcase my dorkiness. When I was 5 and we lived in Michigan, I had a friend named Candy Rhodes. I assumed the song “Take me Home, Country Roads” was written about her father. You know, her father. Country Rhodes. I am a dumbass of long standing, it appears. J: Job Title. Professional Ass Sitter. I’m sure Marty “Asswipe” Nemko would not approve. I sure do wish he was MY therapist. K: Kids. One. The spud. She’s 15. We’re thinking of locking her away ’til she’s 31, ’cause we’re not ready for the boys-and-dating thing. L: Living Arrangements. One house, one husband, one kid, five obnoxious cats, many annoying neighbors. M: Mom’s Name. Brenda. N: Number People Slept With. Less than 1,000. O: Overnight Hospital Stays. Oh, let me think. Tonsils out (1), tumor removed from knee (2), c-section (3). I think that’s it for overnight stays. P: Phobia. The phone. Eek! Q: Quote You Like. All you motherfuckers are gonna pay. You are the ones who are the ball-lickers. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back R: Religious Affiliation. Born and raised Protestant. S: Siblings. Older brothers: Tracy and Randy. Younger sister: Debbie. T: Time You Wake Up. 7:00 on days that I have something to do (feed the pet store kitties, for example), 8:00 – 8:15 on days that I don’t. U: Unique Habit. When I’m really into what I’m reading I do this thing where I twitch my lower lip back and forth. Also, I twitch my feet in time to my lip. V: Vegetable You Refuse To Eat. Brussels sprouts. I also refuse to eat Collard Greens. W: Worst Habit. Probably chomping on my gum. X: X-rays Taken. Oh, I had a ton taken of my knee before they operated on it. Other than that, nothing comes to mind. Y: Yummy Food You Make. Chicken and rice casserole, Unfried Chicken, Sweet Potato Crack. Z: Zodiac Sign. Capricorn.
* * *
The Bean, just before he leapt for the toy mouse in Fred’s hand. In mid-leap, with the mouse in his front paws. Miz Poo disapproves of the horseplay.