Looking particularly Bean-y. Looking particularly dead. Near a pile of catnip. Not particularly interested in it, but he wants to see what the fuss is all about. Sleeping Bean. Thirsty Bean. Purple sky last night. I found this in the parking lot yesterday. It was laying near the door of my Jeep, and I knew it was just meant for me. (Although the trailers for Cat in the Hat are kind of creeping me out and making me not want to see it) I was messing with my hair, and putting it like this amused me so much that I made Fred take my picture. See, this picture horrifies both Jane – because I’m clearly not using expensive up-scale hair products (AND I’m using a rubber band in my hair, which is a BIG no-no, because rubber bands cause your hair to break) – AND Nance, because I’m wearing not a lick of makeup. Clearly we need to have BitchyCon 2004 just so they can make me over! ]]>