Nashville Zoo, which I’m pretty excited about. The drive up to Nashville yesterday was pretty horrible, because it was rainy and windy and there were a bazillion 18-wheelers on the road. Also, I was driving through Nashville during rush hour, which was funfunfun. I made it to the airport in plenty of time – 45 minutes early, even – and Liz’s plane landed on time. During the time I was in the airport, the weather went from crappy and rainy to brilliantly sunny, and it was a much nicer drive on the way home. I had to force myself to hold my speed down to 80 (the speed limit being 70), which as Fred would tell you is quite unusual. Usually, he bitches about the fact that I drive the exact speed limit (not something I generally intend to do; it just kind of happens). We got home and dropped off Liz’s bags, and then went to Captain D’s for lunch, since Liz was hankering for some hushpuppies. After, we stopped at the movie store, and when we got home Liz went upstairs to take a nap. She’d taken a Xanax to get through the anxiety of the flight and hadn’t slept well at all the night before. “Don’t let me sleep too long!” she said. That was at 2:30. At 7:00, she finally got up, looking a lot more awake and alert. We spent the evening watching TV, and once Fred went to bed we watched one of the movies we’d rented – Legally Blonde 2 – and went to bed around midnight. And now you’re up-to-date.

* * *
Last night, Fred and I were laying in bed talking. Fred was taken with a certain name, which I cannot disclose to you, except to reveal that it was french. For story-telling purposes, let’s say the name is Jean-Paul Gaultier. “JeanPaulGaultier!” Fred whispered, saying the name as quickly as he could. “JeanPaulGaultier!” I giggled. “That could be your mantra!” “Yeah. Heh.” We went on to another topic and eventually silence fell again. “JeanPaulGaultier!” he whispered again. “JeanPaulGaultier!” “Heh.” “That could be, like, my mantra,” he said, as if the idea had just come to him. “I JUST SAID THAT!”
* * *
Something on the table? Sit on it!