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So we didn’t go to Nashville Thursday because Liz was still jet-lagged, so we hung around the house, watched some crappy movies, went out to lunch, came home, and watched more movies. It was fun, actually, just hanging out. Yesterday morning we did go to Nashville, and you KNOW I took a ton of pictures for your perusal. Because I love you! First we went to the Nashville Zoo. There were, oddly, not as many animals as we’d expected, but it was pretty cool anyway.
The Bamboo Path. This was cool, because the bamboo was probably 20 feet high. White bengal tiger. Here, kittykittykitty! These two were grooming each other. It was so cool I wanted to climb over the barrier and pet them. Eagle. Ring-tailed lemurs. SO cool! Some kind of big lizards. If you look closely, you can see that the one on top has a small lizard hanging out on it’s tail. LOVE the Meerkats! “Did I hear something?” Otters. After the zoo, we went to the Tennessee Titans’ stadium, where we drove around… Until we saw the Pro Shop, where we stopped and went inside. The lady working at the Pro Shop let us into the stadium so we could see the field. It was cool – Liz was pretty excited about it. And then we had lunch at the Hard Rock and walked up Broadway, looking in various stores, before leaving to drive home. At 4:15. On a Friday afternoon. Yeah, it was pretty hellish, trying to get out of Nashville.
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