Happy holidays to you and yours, from us and ours!

* * *
So as I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, we went to Fred’s father and stepmother’s house for dinner. We had to stop at Macaroni Grill to pick up some bread on the way. After Fred had picked up the bread (he said it was a total clusterfuck in there), we started thinking we smelled sausage. We decided it must be the bag that smelled that way, but then later we were told that there was rosemary in the bread, so that solved that mystery. Dinner was lasagna, bread, spinach salad, green beans and carrots, and for dessert apple tart and some whipped cream and chocolate dessert with a nut crust. Faaaaabulous, it was. (At least until later that evening when the fact that I’d eaten multiple servings of turnip greens and spinach salad caught up with me and caused some serious intestinal distress.) We sat around and talked and watched the kids and opened presents (I got a bunch of stuff from my wish list, and we got a candle set from Fred’s sister). The cat calendar we had printed, last-minute, for Fred’s parents seemed to be a hit, as well as the VCR we got for Fred’s sister and her boyfriend. We left around 8, stopped to get gas on the way home, and Fred and I were opening presents to each other by 9:30. (My haul: books from my wish list, a pattern for a cross-stitch yellow Beetle (“You finally got your Beetle!” Fred said. Hmph.), a bunch of candles, a pair of silver cat earrings from Esquivel & Fees, and my favorite gift of all – a Buddy Christ!) I was sound asleep by midnight, and up around 7:45, whereupon I did a little laundry, took my shower, and by the time I was downstairs the spud was up and had separated the presents into piles. My haul included a Kit-Kat Clock from my brother and sister-in-law, a bunch of stuff including some cross-stitch ornaments and a wooden cat (that I had actually looked at the last time we were in Gatlinburg!) from my sister and nephew, and an ornament and a set of mixing bowls from my parents. The spud and I made a batch of faaaaaaaaabulous Mandarin Muffins, and later we’re going to go to the movies to see Gothika, which the spud is dying to see. Fred has gone hiking with his father, and for dinner tonight we’re going to have turkey, stuffing, corn, and green beans. So I do get some of that traditional Christmas dinner, and my life will be complete. So, that’s my day. I hope yours, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, is just as cool. Happy holidays, and don’t forget – Lane Bryant has bras on sale tomorrow, buy two, get TWO free! You better believe my ass is going to be there.
* * *
Spanky hopes you have a relaxing day. He plans to sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, and then sleep some more.