There goes another sign of Tubby, gone… and got teary-eyed. At bedtime, I was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and Spot jumped up on the side of the bathtub and gave me his worried Momma, I can see a little piece of the bottom of the food bowl, are you going to let us STARVE to death? look, and so while I was brushing my teeth I got a scoop of cat food out of the covered garbage can in the closet, and I dumped the food into the bowl, and after tossing the scoop back into the garbage can I closed the closet door and then pushed the bathroom door open so that when Tubby came hauling ass into the bathroom to partake of the fresh food, he wouldn’t hit his head. And then I remembered, and I had to shut the bathroom door so that Fred, who was laying in bed reading, wouldn’t be subjected to the horrible sight of my cry face, and I cried and thought Tubby will never haul ass through that door, heading straight for the food and knocking everything and everyone out of his way, ever again. Then later, when we were laying in bed, I told Fred about how little things remind me anew of our loss strike me when I’m least expecting it, and I cried again. (But it was okay, because it was dark and he couldn’t see my horrendous cry face) And while we were laying there, the spud knocked on the door and said “Would you like to say goodnight to Tubby?”, and I cringed, because I thought it was a slip of the tongue, that she’d meant to say “Would you like to say goodnight to Miz Poo?” before she went back to her room, Miz Poo in tow. But it turned out that she was standing in the doorway holding the box that contains Tubby’s ashes and asking us if we wanted to say goodnight to them. So Fred and I each said “Goodnight, Tubby.” The spud went back to her room and shut the door. Fred whispered in my ear, “She is SO WEIRD sometimes!”, and I couldn’t help but agree, and then we giggled for several minutes.

* * *
Today was a particularly busy day – in fact, this has been a particularly busy week – and I actually had to drag my ass out of bed at 6:00 so that I could exercise before I left for my 8:15 doctor appointment. I left a few minutes early and stopped by the post office to check the box, and found no less than SIX condolence cards from you crazy, wonderful people – thank you so much! I spent about an hour at the doctor’s office, then had to run to the other side of town to make a deposit at the bank, then ran home for about fifteen minutes to eat breakfast. That done, I had an appointment for a cut and color (one originally scheduled for last Wednesday, but I just knew that if I went in that day, Bev would smile and say “So, what’s been going on?”, and I would say “Oh, well, my ca-a-a-a-t die-ie-ie-ie-ied,” and start crying, and I would expose her to my horrible cry face and she’d have to go on disability, so I rescheduled for this week), so I ran out the door later than I’d intended to leave, but I got there only about two minutes late, and I’m usually more like 5 minutes late, so it was all good. I had my hair colored and cut and pouffed –
I am aghast at the horror that is Helmet Head. This is what my hair looks like when it is curled under. This is why I do not curl my hair under when left to my own devices.
and an hour and a half later I was on my way. To Sam’s, where I got caught in a time warp and what felt like ten minutes was actually an hour, but hey – I got a copy of The South Beach Diet (shaddup) for less than fifteen bucks, and I got 120 miniature gladiolus bulbs for less than fifteen bucks also, so it’s all good. A run by Target for a crate of clementines (where I saw a woman who was a dead ringer for Jane eating sushi), a stop by Wendy’s for a grilled chicken sandwich, and I was home by 1:30. Tomorrow’s going to be the first day I don’t have any appointments or errands to run, and I just may take advantage of the free time to clean the master bathroom. But then again, I may just sit on my ass and read. Who knows?
* * *
The spud took a pretty good picture of the Bean last week, so I made her send it to me.
The yawningest cat that ever did live.
* * *
Interesting article, this. ]]>