* * * 1. What do you do for a living? I started as Assistant-Princess of the Universe, then became Princess of the Universe, and am currently enjoying my role as Queen of the Universe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that within the next sixth months I’ll be promoted to Ruler of the Universe. 2. What do you like most about your job? The money’s not bad. Also, shooting fire out my eyes to fry people in their tracks when they annoy me is kind of fun. 3. What do you like least about your job? People always wanting shit from me. “Queen of the Universe, if you give me a new car/ new house/ new job/ a million dollars/ great big boobies that look natural, I’ll love you forever!” Sh’yeah. Liars. They never appreciate my hard work. 4. When you have a bad day at work it’s usually because _____… The people. Damn people. People who love people need to be smacked. 5. What other career(s) are you interested in? Like I said, I’m hoping to be promoted to Ruler of the Universe, and I think after that I’ll be gunning for God’s job. American Idol will be something to see when I’m in charge, by god. I’ll send some damn angels down to blow that damn Simon out of the water.

* * *
Someone (I’m too lazy to go back and see who) posted in my comments yesterday and asked me to let them know how Lost, by Joy Fielding was. It was EXCELLENT. I was so stressed out toward the end that I thought I was going to have a stroke, but the end was excellent. I started Carrie Pilby this morning, and I started wondering whether the protagonist was autistic, because the tone of the writing reminded me so much of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Speaking of books and such, if you check out my reading list, you’ll see that I’m on my 21st book for the month. Since today’s the 16th, I’d say I’ll probably not only meet, but exceed my goal of a book a day for April. Go, me! (And, yes. It IS nice to have all that free time so I can spend allllllll that time watching TV and reading AND still have time to exercise for an hour each morning AND write an entry five days a week. Very fucking nice, indeed.)
* * *
My two favorite things in the world. A super-size Diet Coke from McDonald’s, and Miz Poo.
Miz Poo would dearly love to try the Diet Coke, but cats can’t use straws. Duh.