* * * Get your taxes done? I’m glad to report that we had ours done and electronically filed by the middle of March. Our refund was deposited in our checking account a few weeks later, so we’re done with the tax thing. Personally, I’d love to be able to turn all our tax stuff over to the accountant by January 2nd, but we always have to wait for the W-2s, and then we have to wait for the accountant who does Fred’s company’s stuff to get her part done, and then we have to procrastinate for a while, and finally we turn everything over. We switched accountants this year, because Fred was having some difficulty getting our old accountant to call him back. The old accountant is pretty old and not in the best of health, but he always managed to get us a pretty damn good refund back, so every year we’d pray “Please, PLEASE let Chuck live another year!” But like I said, Fred never could get the guy to call him back this year, so we switched accountants. And? Not only did we get a nice refund this year, but the new accountant found something the old one missed, and we’re going to get money back for previous tax refunds, just had to file amendments. Too fucking cool. Our new accountant rocks, even if Fred did spit at her. But anyway, even if you haven’t gotten your taxes done yet, fret not. I understand that Suzanne will fax the forms to you, if you ask her nicely. (hee!)

* * *
I followed a link from a blog which will remain nameless to a site where you can, basically, for a fairly small sum, order a background check on anybody. The background report contains information like their age, possible current address, 20 year address history, phone number, possible roommates, and a myriad of information. The really fucking scary thing is that I plugged in my name and state, and it not only came up with my city and state, but all the previous city and states where I’ve lived. Which means they’ve linked up my married name with my previous married name AND my maiden name. That is some scary fucking shit, right there. You will, of course, understand if I don’t provide the url where you can order background checks, since I don’t want any of you crazy stalker types ordering one on me and showing up on my doorstep.
* * *
It’s a rough life.