* * * One of my pet peeves is when people refer to things – usually FOOD-type things – by their wrong name. Like when Fred calls Diet Coke “Coke.” No. NO, it is NOT Coke, it’s DIET Coke. He also tends to refer to English muffins as just “muffins.” “Can I have one of your muffins?” he says, and I perk up. I have muffins over there? When the hell did I get muffins, and NO you cannot have one of my muffins, they’re MY MUFFINS, I didn’t know I had them, but I’m not sharing! Then I realize they’re ENGLISH muffins, which are a different thing altogether, and I’m all disappointed. Because I’m a freak, obviously. (This little bit of information brought to you by the fact that the spud put “Pepsi” on the grocery list. Except I don’t buy her PEPSI, I buy her DIET Pepsi. Hmph.)

* * *
Miz Poo rolls around on the patio, while the Bean tries to decide whether to roll around too, or just jump on her. (He opted for rolling around, too.)