* * * My friend Liz has, since some time last Fall, been having some pretty scary symptoms. Her legs started hurting at night – hurting a lot, necessitating trip after trip to the emergency room where the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and ended up just giving her very, very strong pain medication. I know that more than once they gave her morphine to help with the pain. A short while later, she started having serious hot flashes at night. She went to see her doctor, who ran multiple tests and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, and finally referred her to a neurologist. Naturally, she couldn’t get in to see the neurologist for three months. She’s been missing a lot of work, but luckily she has an understanding boss who was more concerned about her well-being than about the amount of work she was missing. She had tried out for (and been given a spot on!) a women’s football team, but had to give that up, because she was simply in too much pain to work out and practice. She saw the neurologist last month. He ordered a lot of tests on her (one of them being an x-ray of her legs. There’s an idea!) and she had to wait three weeks to find out the results. The doctor thought it might be Lupus or… something else, the name of which I can’t recall. The tests came back and showed that it was neither Lupus nor the other thing. So the doctor ordered yet more tests, and today Liz called. She has a vitamin D deficiency AND Parvo 19. They’ll treat the vitamin D deficiency with a weekly vitamin, and the Parvo will eventually resolve itself (according to something I read when I was Googling up information, Parvo 19 generally only lasts for a few weeks, but can last for months). Thank god it’s something so easily resolved. Who knew there WAS such a thing as a vitamin D deficiency? Not me.

* * *
If given the choice during the week, I’ll sleep in until 8 (except Mondays, because I have to get up and exercise before I go feed and clean at the pet store). Yesterday, it was my intent to sleep until 8, exercise, and then run errands. Except. Except that that damn Miz Poo had other ideas. At 5:30 sharp, she started smacking me on the head, wanting me to roll over on to my left side so she could flop against me. I didn’t WANT to roll over, since I was perfectly comfy on my right side, so I ignored her. For the next several minutes, she’d smack at me, then pause. I’d almost get back to sleep, and she’d smack me again. Finally, I looked at her over my shoulder and yelled “CUT IT OUT, GODDAMNIT!” After another smack, she finally gave up. It took me a while to get back to sleep, but it seemed that no sooner had I than Fred was in the bathroom getting ready for work, and the Bean was chasing Spanky around the room. Fred left for work after kissing me goodbye, and I settled in to go back to sleep. Which is when Spanky started howling. I threw a pillow at him and he ran off. Twenty minutes later the phone rang. I swore and flailed my way across the bed to grab the phone, intent on Fred giving me hell for calling at such an early – 7:20 – hour. Only it wasn’t Fred. It was a wrong number. Grrr. I can take a hint, so I hauled my ass out of bed and got going on my day. This morning I had to get up early, because I had a lab appointment at 8:30 to have my thyroid checked (I have that done every six months). I wanted to exercise and shower before I went, so I asked Fred to wake me up when he came into the room at 6:21 (yes, 6:21!) to get ready for work. Except. I woke up at 5:30, worried that I’d overslept. I looked at the clock and was pleased to find that I had 40 (well, 41, if you must be picky) minutes to snooze. Only, I couldn’t snooze. I just could not, for the life of me, get back to sleep. And at 5:50, Spanky started up with his infernal howling. I can take a hint. Tomorrow, come hell or high water, I’m sleeping in ’til 8. And no one better call me before then, you hear me?
* * *
My Secret Goddess is continuing to crack me up. I got an iCard via email last week, and then yesterday when I checked the PO Box, I got this card, which made me laugh out loud:
You can see the iCard I got, but DO NOT click the link if you haven’t seen the Survivor that aired the week before last! See it here. Cracked me up, it did. Thanks, Secret Goddess!
* * *
Kinda looks like he’s yelling at the other cats, doesn’t it? (Picture taken by Fred, of course)