* * * I was exercising this morning (this makes 34 days in a row, whoo!) and was on my last set of twisting crunches, when the muscle in the middle of my back between my shoulder blades pulled. It hurt for a little while, but was mostly gone by the time I got to the hospital for my ultrasound. After the ultrasound I was getting in Fred’s car, and I pulled the same motherfucking muscle again. For the entire ride back to Fred’s office (where I had left my Jeep), it hurt to breathe. It doesn’t hurt quite as much now, and I just took a couple of Aleves, which will hopefully help. As long as I don’t turn my head or breathe too deeply, I should be just fine.

* * *
We like to say that the Bean is Tubby reincarnated (though of course that’s impossible, since the Bean was born long before Tubby died), because he has many Tubby-like qualities, not the least of which is his bitchy meow. He’s a photogenic as Tubby was, and when we’re eating dinner he sits on the floor and meows bitchily for us to share with him. I got some photographic proof to compare him to Tubby.
Tubby in the basket… Mister Boogers in the basket. Tubby under the bird feeders… Mister Boogers under the bird feeders.
* * *
I’m calling it a day for this entry – I have an episode of The Bachelor to watch and I’m going to go nurse my aching back and watch it. See you tomorrow… ]]>