Written July 18th. My crap, is my scalp FRIED. My face is red, but my scalp is just horribly burned. I fully expect that in a few days my scalp will start peeling, and I’ll look like I have a horrible case of dandruff. Anyway, the plan for today was to go to Pearl Harbor and then to the flea market (I guess it’s actually a swap meet; I’m not sure I know what the difference is). My mother decided that since you can’t take any bags into the Arizona Memorial due to security concerns, we should just do the swap meet and save the Arizona Memorial for a different day. The spud and I met up with my mother, Debbie, and Brian at the bus stop near my parents’ hotel a little after 8. We weren’t sure which bus we wanted, but while we tried to figure it out, I saw a bus that said (on the front) that it was going to the Aloha Stadium, which is where we were headed. Thus began a hellish, hot, sweaty ride that – JESUS CHRIST, is it the entire aim of my child to drive me straight out of my goddamn mind, or what? She’s been clipping her fucking fingernails for 45 goddamn fucking minutes. Pardon me while I go boot her ass off the motherfucking balcony. – lasted for-fucking-ever. 54 minutes, to be exact. One of the stops the bus made on the way was at the Arizona Memorial, where 600 people were waiting in line to get their tickets, and I was SO FUCKING GLAD we weren’t going there today. We pulled up to the swap meet at 9:30 exactly, and we spent the next 3 1/2 hours shopping. This place was AMAZING, any kind of souvenir you could ever want, they had for incredibly low prices. I bought a ton of stuff, and then a ton more for the giveaway page. Because I lurve you guys so much! At around noon, my father got off work and met us at the swap meet. None of us particularly wanted to ride the bus home, so Debbie, the kids, and I crammed into the back seat of the car my father was renting. As perhaps you can imagine, when you cram two fat chicks and two good-sized kids into the back seat of a car, it’s nowhere near “comfortable” territory. We survived – though we were soaked in sweat – and stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. After, my dad dropped the spud, Brian and I off at our hotel, then we walked to my parents’ hotel so I could do my laundry (Brian, good kid that he is, carried the laundry bag the entire time. Such a good little slave!). We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at my parents’ hotel. Sometime after 6, my mother, Debbie, the spud and I went out walking around and doing some shopping. Since we hadn’t had anything for dinner, we stopped at Coldstone Creamery for ice cream. I had a birthday cake remix in a waffle cup, and it was pretty fucking good. We don’t have Coldstone Creamery anywhere near Huntsville, and it’s probably a good thing, because I’d be there ALL THE TIME. Okay, that’s it for me for tonight. Time for bed!

9:56 pm, Hawaii
* * *