* * * I think the DVR is about the best invention since sliced bread. Since the WHEEL, even. We actually sat and watched something in “real time” last night and it was horrible. “Can’t you fast forward past the commercials?” I whined at Fred. “No, this is real time!” Fred sighed. We’ve pretty much decided that we’re just going to record everything on the DVR from here on out so we don’t have to suffer through commercials. Tonight we’re recording an amazing number of shows and since we have nothing recorded on the DVR (and that, my friends, is something that rarely happens), I rented Scooby Doo 2 for Fred to watch, and I’ll most likely sit on the couch and read since I have NO desire to see that movie. I also rented Mean Girls and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. It’ll be a Lindsey Lohan kinda week for me. If I had to choose between Lindsey Lohan and Hilary Duff, I’d totally choose Hilary Duff because I think she’s adorable and Lindsey Lohan tends toward the skanky (JUST MY OPINION). Luckily, since I’m not trying to date either one of them, I don’t have to choose, so I can enjoy both of them. Anyway. What was I saying? Oh, lordy. Lindsey Lohan is signed up to play Vig in Fashionistas. That should be… uh… INTERESTING. I also rented Bad(der) Santa, because I knew we’d watched Bad Santa and kind of enjoyed it, and figured we’d enjoy the sequel as well. And then Fred told me that Bad(der) Santa isn’t the sequel to Bad Santa – it’s Bad Santa, uncensored. Oh. Well, fuck. That’s another three bucks down the drain. That’s what I get for not looking at the back of the box, I guess. When I was working out this morning, I started watching My Sergei. Let me tell you, it’s hard as hell to use the elliptical trainer when you’re trying not to cry. I absolutely LOVED Gordeeva & Grinkov and was heartbroken when he died. I can’t believe it’s been almost 9 years already. Anyway, the movie is really good – though I don’t know if it’s actually good, or if I just love it because I loved G & G, and it has tons of footage. If you’re at all interested in figure skating, give it a try.

* * *
I spent the morning running errands, including going to Lowe’s (which was a little scary. That place is HUGE.) and buying bug killer and a platform bird feeder. Since I figured out that Meester Boogers was catching birds only when they become trapped under the platform feeder sitting on the ground, I decided to get rid of the one sitting on the ground, because I find that I’m happier when there aren’t birds flying around my house. I had to toss the old feeder because it was nasty and beyond saving. So I put the new feeder together, hung it up, tossed the old feeder, and filled all the bird feeders. THEN I filled the hummingbird feeder (though I think they’re about to head South, since it’s starting to get a tad cool at night) and chopped down my butterfly bush. I figure the butterfly bush will come back just fine, since I trimmed it to the point where it was nothing but two sticks sticking out of the ground in April or May, and it was about eight feet tall by the beginning of August. I hated cutting it down completely, since the butterflies were still visiting the bush regularly, but it looked awful, all listing to one side, so I just chopped that fucker down. And now I think I’m going to go watch Dr. Phil. Maybe I’ll do some more exciting cleaning or housework-type stuff tomorrow. Whee!
* * *
Why yes, that IS the dining room table we eat at every night. Oh, quit freaking out – no one’s asking YOU to eat at that table. Besides, they’re very clean. When they’re not tromping through the litter box or licking their asses, that is.