* * * Boy, I sure wish this guy had his own journal. Though the insulting-a-woman-you-hate-by-calling-her-fat is SO overdone. I’d say the boy still has issues, wouldn’t you?

* * *
I left the house at 11:45 this morning to run errands, and ended up taking TWO HOURS to run them. I have no clue why it took me so long to go to the bank, Barnes & Noble, Target, and the post office. All I can guess is that I spent more time than I realized wandering around Barnes & Noble looking at (and putting back) books. I ended up buying the new Dark Tower book (and holy CRAP is that fucker heavy. It’s a good thing I lift weights, or I’d’ve needed help carrying it to the checkout.), and subsequently went to Target, where I found it for $3 less than I paid at B & N. Figures.
* * *
See him? No? Sometimes a boy just needs to hang out where his bratty little brother won’t find and harass him. Sexy and smoldering, or just sleepy? Who can tell?