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Two or three people pointed out that since Gmail offers such a large amount of storage space I don’t need to delete anything anyway, but one of my Gmail accounts is used for nothing but notify emails and I generally get anywhere between ten and twenty of those a day, plus the Change Detection emails, and I don’t think there’s any reason to save any of those. Plus on my non-notify email, I just refuse to save the “What’s for dinner?” emails. Maybe someday I’ll wish I had, but I kinda doubt it.
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Okay, time for some requested pictures. rundmc wanted: 1.Pics of Fred in his red shorts. 2.Pics of Fred in his red shorts. 3.Pics of Fred in his red shorts. Fred won’t pose for pictures in his red shorts. He’s a party pooper! Sandy wanted to see: 1) Your purse 2) Inside of your fridge 3) Your collection of bath products My purse:
It’s a microfiber Healthy Back Bag from LL Bean, and I love it, not only because it’s better on my back than a regular purse, but also because it has convenient outside pockets for my keys, cellphone, and sunglasses, so I don’t have to go digging for those.
The inside of the fridge:
See the huge full-size version here.
My collection of bath products:
This is literally the stuff I use in the bathtub – bath bombs from Newfoundland Naturals (and one I got last Christmas from my sister), bath salts from Newfoundland Naturals, a couple of packets of bath salts that I got in Hawaii, and Pretty Baby Herbal Bath Tea from these folks. The bath tea is wonderful because it’s so incredibly soothing and when my skin is at it’s itchiest, it’s the only thing that helps. The Newfoundland Naturals stuff is amazing because it smells SO good, and you don’t get any annoying floaties in the tub like you do with some of the Lush bath bombs.
Lastly, many many many of you wanted to see a picture of Fred’s new vehicle, because it’s killing you to know what he’s driving. He kindly took the picture himself, just for you. It was getting dark out, so it might be a little bit blurry:
There’ll be more pictures in upcoming entries; I didn’t want to put them all up in the same entry.
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So, the spud has a blog on a blogging site (and no, I’m not giving you the link because the last time she had a blog on a different site and I shared the link, a couple of people decided to be assholes, so blame it on them) and most of her friends do too. Naturally, I check out her blog and then check out the blogs of her friends, because a mother needs to be careful that her kid isn’t doing something like posting her phone number online (and horrifyingly, a LOT of these kids put their cell phone numbers on their blogs, yikes!) Some of the blogs are well-written, if not interesting (of course, I’m not 15, so I’m probably not in their desired demographic anyway and I’m sure they’d find me incredibly annoying and boring and whatEVerrrrrrrr) but the majority of the blogs are just so poorly written to the point of illiteracy that it makes my eyes bleed. ANYway, one of the kids who has a blog and leaves comments on the spud’s blog is the kid who asked her out last Spring, and then had to break up with her because she doesn’t attend church. Although I might be biased because I can’t stand the kid because he’s a whiny little bitch (and thus we shall call him “Phil” after the father of all whiny little bitches, Phil Hellmuth) he has one of the worst sites that make it clear he’s a friggin’ idiot. But I’m probably biased because he made my baby cry. So late last week he posted a comment on the spud’s site saying that he was getting a car, woohoo! So she posts in HIS comments and asks what kind of car, and “do you have an actual license yet?” and then HE posts in HER comments and says “No, not yet. God. U sux the fun out of everything.” Apparently he’s been kind of snappish with her lately, which I think is out of line, because hello? It’s not like the whiny little shitweasel is her BOYFRIEND or anything. So she goes over to his site and posts in HIS comments that she’s sick of his fucking attitude and he can shove it and what the hell is up his fucking ass anyway? And they are NOT friends anymore! Buh-bye! I read her post in his comments (and yeah, I’m so lame for stalking my own child’s blog, aren’t I? Do I have too much time on my hands, or what?) and I laughed my ASS off. Because she’s always so calm and shy and conflict-avoidance, just like her MOMMA, and here she is, putting the smack down on shithead, complete with dropping the f-bomb all over the place! Then I made Fred read it, and he teased her about it, and she turned all red and got embarrassed and I think she thought she was going to be in trouble, but I gave her a high five and said “It’s about TIME you told him how it is! You go!” and she looked pleased. Now, when Fred wants to tease her, he says “U sux the fun out of everything.”, or if she makes a comment about something, he gives her a fake glare and said “Is that because U sux the fun out of everything?” and she thinks it’s funny as shit. That’s what it’s like in this house – we make fun of each other all the time, but if some whiny little bitch hurts my kid’s feelings, we band together to make it clear that he’s a ridiculous little ass and we mock him forever and ever. I believe the spud will find that particular life skill valuable as she grows up.
* * *
Miz Poo will kick your ASS. Because she’s a badass, that’s right. Just like her Momma.