Isn’t it odd that I’m number THREE to mention wanting to see the inside of your fridge & freezer. It must be from all the times I’ve watched Cribs on MTV. The 2nd picture would be a shot of the gym in the garage. The 3rd picture would be a shot of both of your vehicles together. No wait!! Change the 2nd picture to the inside of your closet! You seem like such a clean person, I’d like to see how you organize your closet. See yesterday’s entry for the inside of the fridge. We have two freezers, so here’s the big one we keep in the garage:

Those zillions of brown bags at the bottom of the freezer are bags of coffee. There’s usually a lot of chicken in here, but we just used up the rest of it. We have way more freezer space than we really need.
Here’s the freezer in the house:
You can see the big-ass version of this picture here.
I’m going with the shots of the gym instead of the two vehicles side-by-side, because Fred’s vehicle is at work with him and I just put up a picture of his vehicle yesterday. Just imagine a very dusty amethyst Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (mine) sitting next to a [vehicle type deleted] (heh) and you’ll know what that picture would look like. The gym:
The gym set, and part of the benches. See the big-ass version of this picture here.
The elliptical trainer, the benches, and over by the freezer, the bicep/ tricep bench. See the big-ass version of this picture here.
And the closet:
I do NOT know what on earth makes you think I’m a clean person, Lori. Have I mentioned that I can go weeks without cleaning the bathroom? I hate cleaning. And the closet’s not terribly organized. To the right hanging off the long side of the closet are all my hangable clothes. The stuff on the end are Fred’s work shirts. To the left (though you can’t really see them) on the top are Fred’s t-shirts, and on the bottom are his jeans and shorts. Um, I swear that’s not as organized as it sounds…
Several people wanted to see a picture of the three of us together:
Yeah, it’s an old one. It’s the best you’re gonna get for now.
And Martha wanted to see my toes:
That crease by my ankle is because I just took my sock off to take this picture. That foot’s the one that was splashed by grease seven (!) years ago. Can you tell I’ve never had a pedicure?
More pictures in upcoming entries!
* * *
It’s starting to get cold. I’m sitting in front of my computer, and I am FREEZING, and the air is turned off, but I’m still sitting here shivering. I suppose that wearing a t-shirt when it’s in the mid-60s outside is not the way to go. I guess I’m going to need to go find the cardigan I wear all winter long, and put that on. I need to do laundry, but I don’t wanna go upstairs. I need to go to the post office, but I’m feeling lazy. I’m thirsty, but I’m too lazy to go find my bottle of water. I’m just going to sit here and whine about being cold and thirsty, I suppose. Sounds like a plan! We watched Wife Swap last night and when the dreadlocked environmentalist burst into tears not once but many times and the popeyed freaky woman sobbed loudly and apologized to the stuffed animals and sobbed “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” we laughed our asses off. Wife Swap is far and away better than Trading Spouses – it’s clear that Trading Spouses is a half-assed knockoff of Wife Swap. I’ve started cross-stitching again after many months of not cross-stitching at all. Two years ago I told the spud that if she chose a cross-stitch kit out of a catalog, I’d order it and cross-stitch it for her. I assumed she’d choose a kitty picture or something like that. Instead, she chose a picture of the Statue of Liberty with an American flag behind it, and “United We Stand” above it. Not what I expected, I’ll tell you that much. It’s not a huge picture, but the Statue of Liberty is taking forever to do, and it’s boring as hell. I guess next time I’ll think before I make an offer like that! Okay, I’m going to call this an entry. They can’t all be award-winners, folks. Sorry ’bout that. Oh, wait – no I’m not! Y’all have a good weekend.
* * *
(Picture taken by Fred and stolen by me.)