List of fives. The five things I can hear right now. 1. The friggin’ plow on the other side of my fence. NOW they’re digging something back up. Fuckers. 2. Miz Poo quietly wheezing. 3. Meester Boogers hanging half out of the cat door, making whiny chattering noises at the birds. 4. The icemaker in the fridge making some weird kind of draining sound. 5. The birds in the back yard fighting over who gets to perch on the bird feeder. My current obsessions: 1. The Warren Brothers 2. Desperate Housewives 3. Lost 4. Thinking I hear one of the cats bringing a bird into the house, and running to check. 5. Diet Coke My favorite sad songs: 1. Dagger Through the Heart – Dolly Parton 2. You Were Mine – Dixie Chicks 3. Cold Day in July – Suzy Bogguss (Dixie Chicks do a good version, too) 4. Angry All the Time – Tim McGraw 5. Be My Downfall – Del Amitri My other favorite sad songs: 1. Changes – Olivia Newton-John 2. Black – Pearl Jam 3. I’m Not Supposed to Love You Anymore – Bryan White 4. You’re Gone – Diamond Rio 5. I Miss My Friend – Darryl Worley (I could have done a list of about 50 of these! I do love me a sad song.) My current favorite songs (sad or otherwise): 1. The Lucky – The Warren Brothers 2. Runnin’ out of Heroes – The Warren Brothers 3. Goodbye to Neverland – The Warren Brothers 4. Trouble Is – The Warren Brothers 5. Between the River and Me – The Warren Brothers (Can you tell what CD is in my car stereo?) The songs that always make me think of my sister: 1. Silent Lucidity – Queensryche 2. You Could’ve Been with Me – Sheena Easton 3. All Cried Out – Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force 4. Friends in Low Places – Garth Brooks 5. Anything by Travis Tritt The last five sites I visited: 1. Nance 2. Jane 3. Amblus 4. The Smart and Sassy forum 5. Scalzi – The Endorsement Five things that might (but probably won’t) surprise you about me: 1. I am pro-choice. (No, you won’t change my mind) 2. I am pro-gay marriage. (No, you won’t change my mind) 3. I am pro-stem cell research. (No, you won’t change my mind) 4. I think that anyone who seriously makes a black-and-white “All Republicans are”, “All Democrats are”, “All gay people are”, “All Christians are”, “All Southerners are”, “All Yankees are” statement is an idiot of the first degree with a strong need to pigeonhole people by their beliefs. 5. I’ve always been able to see both sides of most issues and it makes me feel like I come across as wishy-washy. I know what I believe, but I mostly understand why other people think the way they do, too. Five things I’d change about this house (money being no object): 1. I’d hardwood the stairs 2. I’d put up a wall between the kitchen and living room 3. I’d put the master bedroom on the front of the house to get the morning sun 4. I’d hardwood the entire house, come to think of it. 5. I’d put a hot tub and pool in the back yard. Five places I want to visit: 1. North Carolina (I’ve been to SC, now it’s time to go north!) 2. Scotland 3. Australia 4. Arizona 5. The Bahamas

* * *
“Yeah. Whaaaaatever, Mom.”