* * * So, remember that quilt I was so happy about a few months ago? The one I found on eBay and was thrilled that it was so inexpensive, because I like quilts and I bought it and started using it as a comforter on the bed in my room (you can see what it looked like in the picture of Meester Boogers and Spot at the end of the page)? Yeah, that didn’t last long. For one, Spanky barfed on it while I was in Maine, so Fred had to run it through the washer and dryer (yeah, I know – but the directions that came with the damn thing said it was okay to wash and dry it if needed), and then the day I got home from Myrtle Beach we had to wash it again, since Spot was snuggled up with a dead bird on the bed and I didn’t want to get mites or lice or whatever the hell it is that wild birds carry. Then, a few weeks ago Fred was moving his legs around or something – to be honest, I have no freakin’ clue what exactly he was doing – and a square ripped. I tried to sew it back together, but I’m no seamstress and was too impatient, so I never did get it done. Also, the fabric of the quilt was starting to pill, and I finally got annoyed, and decided it was time to buy a new comforter. Like I mentioned, the spud and I went into Dillard’s and McRae’s to look at their comforters, but not only did I not like anything I saw, but everything there was in the area of $300, and the days when I’d spend that much money on something the cats will destroy in – if I’m lucky – a year are long, long gone. We went over to Linens ‘n Things, where there were more way-too-expensive comforters. All the ones I really liked were $100 – $200, and that’s still more than I want to spend. I found a “bed in a bag” that I could live with (I find it pretty funny that to spend less on a comforter, I have to get the set of sheets, shams, and bedskirt too, whereas with the expensive comforters, all you get is the comforter) and said something like “Well, it’s ugly, but I can live with it. I’ll only have to look at it for a year, anyway.” The spud said “Why don’t we go to Bed, Bath and Beyond? You might find something you like there!” “But if I don’t find something I like there, I’ll have to come back here!” I said. And then I remembered that the last two or three comforters I’ve bought have come from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and I decided I might as well take a look. So, long story short (too late!), I found a bed-in-a-bag that I disliked less than the one I’d found at Linens ‘n Things, plus it was blue, so I bought it. I ended up spending ten dollars less than I would have on the other one, too. I need to remember to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond next time I need a comforter.

The only problem is that I always prefer to buy comforters in king-size, because the queen-size really don’t cover the bed as much as I’d like, but my bed’s a queen-size and thus king-size sheets wouldn’t fit. I solved this dilemma by remembering that Fred’s bed is king-size, so I could get rid of one of the crappy set of sheets I’ve been using on his bed, and use the new sheets instead. Problem solved. Everyone’s happy. I give it two weeks before someone barfs on the new comforter.
* * *
I’m amazed that Spot would let Meester Boogers sleep so close to him. Usually he gets up and walks away in a huff if Meester Boogers tries to snuggle. Maybe he doesn’t realize Meester Boogers is there…