Tuesday, Dec. 14th

I was reading a thread over at The Usual Suspects regarding the remake of Willy Wonka, and the question How much the artist’s original intentions or dislikes influence your opinion of the work? struck me as an interesting one. I guess that for the most part, I don’t really care what the writer’s opinion about a movie is – remember back when Ann Rice was having a cow at the idea of Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire and there was a whole brouhaha about it, and then in the end she came around and admitted that he’d done a pretty good job? (All I can think of when I think of that movie is Kirsten Dunst telling everyone who would listen that kissing Brad Pitt was gross, and he had dry lips. Hee!) It’s interesting to see a movie that has an author’s stamp of approval, because – at least I’d assume – the finished movie is closest to how the author saw it in his or her head when s/he was writing it. But then I think of The Stand, which was perfect except for the fact that Molly Ringwald was Frannie (I DON’T THINK SO) and Laura San Giacomo was Nadine (DON’T THINK SO, PART 2) and I think that maybe if I were queen of the universe, as I should be, and could cast every movie ever made that is based upon a book that I love, in the movie version of The Stand, Frannie would be someone LIKEABLE and Nadine would be someone drop-dead gorgeous, like in the frickin’ book. But Stephen King was apparently thrilled with the cast of the mini-series and though I think everyone else in the movie is perfectly cast, the fact that Frannie, one of the main characters, is Molly Frickin’ Ringwald just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Gary Sinise as Stu? Matt Frewer as Trashcan Man? Bill Fagerbakke as Tom? Perfection. Molly Ringwald as Frannie? Laura San Giacomo as Nadine? Corin Nemec as Harold? Not so much. So anyway, in conclusion (“Thank god!” you’re saying, right? “Thank god she’s concluding the section!”) it’s interesting to see the story as the author intended, but it’s not always better that way. Because once the book is written and I’ve read it, my perception of the book and the author’s perception of the book may be exactly the same, or it may be worlds apart. When you read a book, you’re bringing your own experiences to it with you and that always colors what you see in your head as you read it.

* * *
It is in the 20s here today, IS IT OKAY FOR ME TO BE COLD NOW? I have two space heaters going in the computer room, and I have the fire going in the living room, and if I could possibly do so without causing permanent damage, I would sit IN the fire, I’m so fucking cold. Keep in mind, people, that the reason I am so freakin’ cold is because this fucked-up house has two floors, but only one heating unit and one air conditioning unit, and the control for both floors is located on the wall halfway up the stairs. So right now, it’s toasty warm upstairs, but my computer is downstairs, where it is MIGHTY FUCKING COLD. Because aside from the fact that there is only one heating unit for the entire house, the computer room sits directly in the path of the window where the cat door is located, and so when the wind blows outside, it blows in through the cat door and directly on me, thus freezing me even more. I suppose I could shut the cat door; the cats aren’t out there in the cold – they’re upstairs, where it’s warm and toasty. Little bastards. Okay, the cat door and window are now closed. But I’m still freeeeeezing, damnit.
* * *
“Yes, the one in the window with the waggly tail. How much?”