Wednesday, Dec. 15th

* * * Oh, shoot. I just realized I forgot to pick up presents for Fred’s Mom and stepfather’s cat, and his father and stepmother’s cats, as well. I’ll need to remedy that before next Friday. As I told the lady at the pet store on Monday as she rang up my humongous pile of cat toys, I spend way more time, energy, and money on the stuff I get for everyone’s cats than I do for the people themselves. That was a pretty awkward sentence, right there.

* * *
From my comments: I just wanted to comment on the post office thing. I myself have went to the post office with my box not taped closed. No, not because I don’t have tape. The reason I do it is because I sell a lot of books and dvd’s and such on ebay and I ship them via media mail. The post office here, will make you rip the tape off the box and open it so that they can make sure it is indeed something that can be shipped media mail. So I got smart and I now just wait to tape it after they inspect it. I do always have it addressed and ready though and I always take my own roll of tape in with me. Anyway, maybe that is why some of these people do not have their boxes taped up. I had no idea they’d actually make you open your box so they could make sure you weren’t trying to put one over on them! Yesterday, there was a woman mailing a box to Europe, and she was surprised when the postal clerk told her he didn’t need to look through the box before she taped it up. I had no idea they ever looked through boxes going to Europe, anywhere – though I have to say, I don’t think I’ve sent many boxes to Europe, so it wouldn’t have come up. On behalf of all people who visit the post office everywhere, Ginny, I thank you for showing up prepared with your own tape! See, if the woman standing in line in front of me the other day had had her own tape or even any awareness of the fact that the post office doesn’t provide free tape unless you’re shipping Priority, I would have had a little more sympathy, but she was pretty clueless. I’m not going to complain too much, though – both Monday and yesterday, I was in and out of the post office in less than ten minutes, and I consider that pretty awesome! Robyn, I have a cat question for you. My husband and I are going to the animal shelter to pick out a cat this week. We’re trying to decide between male/female and long-hair/short hair. Any opinions on whether males or females are easier, (we have an infant, so we’re looking for something gentle.) And do long-haired cats or short-haired cats tend to shed more? Any opinions on this? Honestly? It depends on the cat. Sometimes females are less playful and more cuddly, but I’ve also come across plenty of females who are very playful. If you’re looking for a gentle cat, I’d suggest you get an older. Not that kittens don’t learn to be gentle, but they can get awfully rambunctious. I’ve only had one long-hair cat – Mr. Fancypants – and he left piles of hair wherever he went, but Spanky and Spot (who are short-hairs) are our worst shedders. The biggest problem with a long-hairs is that they need to be brushed on a regular basis or their hair clumps up. If you got a long-hair and didn’t have time to brush it on a regular basis, you could have it shaved the way we did with Mr. Fancypants. So, really all I can advise is to not get a kitten. Do take your time and spend as much time with the cat one-on-one (most shelters have “play rooms” for that exact purpose) and really get to know it, rather than going in and making a spur-of-the-moment decision. Talk to the shelter attendant and tell them what you’re looking for; they may be able to help. Good luck, let me know what happens, and don’t forget to send pictures! What kind of space heaters do you have? I need to get one for my girls’ room. I’d like to find with a thermostat so the room doesn’t get too freakin’ hot. On one end of the room, we have a Holmes One-Touch. This is the newest one, and we like it because it does have a thermostat. Fred got it a couple of weeks ago at Lowe’s.
And on the other end of the room, we have a Pelonis. I like this, because you can set it to oscillate or not – and during the day when I’m home alone I have it pointed right at me, but when Fred’s home we set it to oscillate.
Whatever you decide to get, just make sure you get one that turns itself off if it gets tipped over. I’m pretty sure all heaters do that now, but you’ll want to check, just to be sure.
* * *
“I do NOT shed a lot. Bitch.”
* * *