* * * Pet store kitty pics from Monday are here.

* * *
Lately, I’m getting very strong decluttering urges. Yesterday as I sat in the living room watching Grey’s Anatomy (like we don’t KNOW he’s going to stay with his wife. I mean, that’d be the maximum angst situation for Meredith, wouldn’t it?), my attention kept wandering to the knickknacks cluttering the tops of the movie storage racks, trying to decide what I could get rid of. I have collected an awful lot of those damn egg creatures:
and the thing is that I only really really LOVE one of them. And I hate the fact that they’re cluttering up the living room. Same with the Quarry Cats I collect:
I have a ton of them, but I only really LOVE one or two of them. I can’t decide whether I want to just pack them all away to declutter, or get rid of the ones I don’t absolutely love, and keep just the ones I adore. I have a feeling that my need to declutter is going to hit critical mass here in the next few weeks, and I’ll have a ton more stuff to put up on the giveaway page.
* * *
After I left the pet store on Monday, I went to the grocery store, and as I sat at the red light leading out of the grocery store parking lot, I saw this bumper sticker on the SUV ahead of me:
And all I could think was “I don’t get your point…” Which is probably what people will be thinking when they see my new “Gimme Your Tots” bumper sticker. When I get around to putting it on my car, that is.
* * *
I emailed the shelter manager last night to let her know that Sugarbutt would be finishing his medication on Saturday and would be ready to be adopted whenever there’s space at the pet store. She emailed me back to let me know that they’re pretty backed up, and it could be a little while. And I emailed her back to tell her that as far as I was concerned, she could take allllll the time in the world. If it took, like, 10 or 15 years I’d be A-OK with that. You make him giggle. Everyone needs a brudder to help keep him clean. Mister Boogers shows off his mad aerobics skillz. I was Swiffering the cobwebs off the walls and ceiling, and Sugarbutt, Tom Cullen, and Mister Boogers were FASCINATED by the Swiffer. If that ain’t a smiling kitty, I don’t know what is. Fred had just been rubbing him under the chin. Resting up so that he can run around like his tail is on fire. It’s a blurry picture, but I had to put it up. He doesn’t even look like a cat. He looks like an alien. A mad little alien. Crazy. He’s CRAZY from the catnip. See the SIZE of those pupils? All of today’s uploaded pictures are here.
* * *
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