* * * I finally got my reading list updated, and the books I read in 2005 tallied, and the total for last year is a rousing 191 books. That’s, like, half a book a day! (.523, to be exact) It’s 4 books less than 2004, but a whopping 21 books MORE than in 2003. Oh, how I love my books. Currently, I’m reading: Flavor of the Month, by Olivia Goldsmith. I’ve read it before, but I wanted to read it again because I remembered liking it. It’s not as good as I remembered; and godDAMN is it a long book. I feel like I’m never going to finish the damn thing, though I got through a couple hundred pages when I was sitting in the frickin’ Suzuki waiting room yesterday morning. Speaking of books, if you’re interested in buying a copy of Fred’s book, you can get it here. We put away three boxes to keep, but during our decluttering last month decided we didn’t need to keep three boxes – I mean, seriously, what are we going to do with THREE boxes? – and dithered back and forth on whether to sell them on Amazon or just toss them and write off the loss. When we saw that people are attempting to sell the book on Amazon for almost $50 each, well, it kind of pissed us off, and we decided to sell them for $10 apiece. I think we’re going to sell them either ’til they’re gone, or until the end of January. Or until I get tired of the fucking books in my fucking dining room and put my foot down. Whichever comes first. (You should also keep in mind that he’s slowly putting the book up online, here, if you’d rather read it for free.)

* * *
So, I have got to say that my nephew – who is now 8 months old – is the cutest little guy EVER, but after spending just a few hours in his company, I called Fred and said “I am SO GLAD we decided not to have any more kids!” Because little Jeffrey just does not stop for one single moment. He’s always busy, always crawling around, exploring, grabbing exactly what he’s not supposed to, and getting his feelings hurt when you say “No!” to him.
(The first one was my fault. He was crawling around in my parents’ living room and went for the Christmas tree. He was getting a little too insistent on trying to yank a particular ornament off the tree, like such:
and I stood up to take his hand off it, and my mother said “Take that pacifier out of his mouth!” (so I could get some pictures of him without it in his mouth, not because my mother is anti-pacifier), and I took his hand off the ornament and took his pacifier out of his mouth, and it was far too great an insult to be withstood without great big crocodile tears and a sad pouty lip. He was comforted with hugs and snuggles from my mother, and later after we told my sister about the incident, she sympathized with Jeffrey, saying “Did Auntie Rah-bah make you cry?” (Brian used to call me “Rah-bah”, and if that’s not cute enough for you, we used to call the spud’s pacifier and Brian’s pacifier their “rah-rah”s. I don’t remember what caused the second two crying pictures, though I suspect it might have involved a diaper change, because not two minutes before he was crying like that, he was happy as a clam at high tide, like such:
And no, he’s not all that close to walking, but if you hold his hands, he’ll happily trip across the room. The spud used to LOVE to do that when she was about his age, and my father would hold her hands and let her drag him all over the house. My back aches at the very thought.) Also, Fred guffawed when he saw the first crying picture. Even his cold, cold heart can appreciate the humor of a particularly cute crying baby. On a side note, I happened to be reading this entry back in November, and I clicked on the two bottom pictures to see them bigger, and Fred happened to walk through the room and catch sight of the second from the bottom picture, and he laughed out loud.
“Spud, go over next to the baby!” She did, and he thought about it for a moment, pouted, and burst into tears. Too many new people, I guess. A happy moment. And another. And another. Lest you think he spends all his time crying. Actually, he’s usually a pretty happy monkey.
Man. The next time I see him, he’ll be walking and talking! There are many more baby pictures here.
* * *
Look, look! Look what awesome reader Vena did!
She recapitated Sugarbutt! I have the coolest readers, don’t I?
* * *
“Yeah, hi, Mom. I thought I’d just sit here and see if the sun comes to me. It almost came to my tail the other day, but not yet today. I sure am cold. I sure wish the sun would come over here and warm me up.” “Whuh- what the?! What the HELL IS THAT?!” “WHAT IS IT?” “WHAT IS IT?” “I’ve never seen anything like that!”
(I have NO CLUE what caught his interest. There was nothing at all on the wall that I could see, but he was absolutely fascinated by whatever it was. Perhaps he was looking into another dimension.)
* * *
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