* * * I know I’ve mentioned in the past that during the Christmas season, my parents’ house looks like the Christmas section of a department store threw up all over the house. This year, there was even more stuff, because my mother inherited a lot of stuff from my grandmother. My parents start decorating their house the day after Thanksgiving, usually, and it generally takes several days to get everything unpacked and displayed just so (and then my mother spends the next three weeks rearranging everything. Heh.). So I took pictures of some of the Christmas decorations in my parents’ house. Right now, Fred’s thanking his lucky stars that I don’t have this much Christmas stuff, because it would drive him NUTS.

The Christmas dishes. I love, love, LOVE this little elf. Usually he’s in the tree or on top of the Grandfather clock on the living room, but I guess Mom decided to mix things up this year. Santa’s village? Is that the name of it? Whatever, it’s a little village of light-up houses and stores and stuff. I wish my mantel was as big as my parents’. I love their tree. I especially love sitting and looking at the ornaments and remembering from whence they came. Have I mentioned that my mother collects Santas? More Santas, underneath and above the TV. (I don’t know who was watching Tony Danza. Wasn’t ME, that’s all I know.) This is new this year. My mother took down the pictures that hang on this wall during the year and replaced them with Christmas-themed pictures. The amount of work they put into decorating their house for Christmas makes me want to go take a nap. I think this is a cool idea, though. I might have to do something similar (on a smaller scale) next year. That’s me at 16 – almost 17 – in the Santa hat on the right. It’s one of my favorite pictures of me, ever.
Y’all are saying “When the hell is she going to stop with the freakin’ pictures from Maine?!”, aren’t you? Well, good news: I have some animal pics for tomorrow, and then life can get back to normal here on Bitchypoo. Well, normal as it ever gets.
* * *
I cleaned yesterday, because I couldn’t stand the filth in every single room. It took me three hours to clean the upstairs bathroom, dust, change the sheets on my bed and Fred’s, and vacuum the entire house. It’s almost bearable, now. Today, I intend to clean the floors in the kitchen, dining room, and hallway, because they are nas-tay. My resolution for 2006 is to scrub the floors at least once every other week, because between Fred spilling tea on the floor and then the cats tromping through the tea, and just the general grime of being a house where three people and six cats live, I can barely stand to look at my floors, especially the kitchen floor. If you visit, it’s probably best that you wear shoes in the house – at least in the kitchen – because I wouldn’t want to be responsible for you catching anything. Hey, at least our house isn’t as bad as the family on Wife Swap Monday night, with the dead rat laying under the table in the house. That right there was a nasty-ass house. Every time I think I keep a messy house, some family shows up on Wife Swap or Trading Spouses to make me feel better about my housekeeping skills.
* * *
Going after the camera strap. What a butt-kisser. This makes me want to take a nap.
All of today’s uploaded pictures are here.
* * *
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