* * * If you ever give photo albums (with pictures) to someone as a gift, you know what would be a good addition to that gift? A disc with all the pictures that are in the album, in digital form. Isn’t that a good idea? I think I’m going to start putting together a photo album for the spud of all her pictures from when she was a baby to now. If I start now, maybe I’ll have it done by the time she graduates from high school in 2007!

So, they never were able to find anything wrong with my car. I don’t know if it was just some water in the gas line or what, but Fred drove it home yesterday and said it was running just fine. And then he told the spud that at the dealership they’d told him a teenager must be driving the car. Heh.
* * *
There’s just nothin’ going on ’round these parts. I’m going to put up a bunch of cat pictures and call it an entry.
This picture is to illustrate how sparse the hair around Tommy’s mouth is. I’m not sure why that is. Also, every time he flops down, you can always see that one nipple. I don’t know if it’s a particularly prominent nipple or there’s just less hair around it, but it always catches my eye. Miz Poo on my lap. Spot would like you all to just calm down and be quiet, please. He needs a nap. The “purse carry”, as we call it. Sugarbutt and Mister Boogers like to be carried like this. Brudders quarrel. Brudderly love.
All of today’s uploaded pictures, here.
* * *
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