Currently reading: Killing Yourself to Live, by Chuck Klosterman. Finished late last night: Bitter is the New Black, by Jen Lancaster. I liked it a lot – I laughed out loud several times – and like I said before, I can definitely see it being turned into a movie. Recommended!

* * *
So I watched an episode of Oprah yesterday, the one with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and I’ve gotta say, they’re a pretty cute couple. Tim must be half monkey, because he kept grooming Faith – once he brushed lint off her pants, and another time he saw a hair on her face and brushed it off. My favorite part was when they were cooking chicken and dumplings in their kitchen, and he was kneading the dough for the dumplings (“dumplins”, I guess I should say. Note for the northerners: dumplins down here are noodle-like rather than the type we’re accustomed to up there) and he said “You have to be careful, because if you knead too much, it’ll get stiff and hard”, and then he had to stop to giggle, and she got mad at him and told him to “Keep it clean.” Giggling like that is EXACTLY something Fred would do.
* * *
Yeah, can you tell I’m really reaching for topics today? I think today’s another day where I’ll slap up cat pictures and call it an entry.
Fred, covered by cats. The funniest part about this picture isn’t the Booger yawning – though that’s a pretty good yawn – but Sugarbutt in the background, looking up at the ceiling. “Bleh. What the hell have I been rolling around in?” “Bob! Damnit! Bring me some ‘nip! I’m going into withdrawal!” “Bitch, you flash that thing at me one more time, I’ma cut you. You get me?” An even better illustration of the lack of hair around Tommy’s mouth. It’s not quite as bare as it looks in the picture, but there’s not a whole lot of hair there.
All of today’s uploaded pictures are here.
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