Hi Robyn- I know you don’t do this very often – but can you help me find someone who taped the “Top Superbowl Commercials” that played on Saturday night before Superbowl? We forgot to tape it as we had a BB game we had to go to (my daughters). I have not heard the end of it……still! My husband is a whining and with his birthday coming up in March – I thought I could shut him up if I could find someone who had taped it. I am willing to pay for the tape and postage plus a little extra for thier time up front). If anyone can help out, please email me or leave a comment, would you? Thanks!

* * *
Readers, I know you’ll be able to tell me this: how do you pronounce the name “Sia”? I can’t imagine how on earth it’s pronounced, and it’s driving me nuts!
* * *
I walked into the bathroom the other morning, and glanced into the tub on my way to the toilet. And then I stopped and thought “What on god’s green earth is all over the inside of the tub?” And I peered closer and thought about it, and I thought “Huh. It kind of looks like sawdust. What the hell?” I couldn’t think of why sawdust would be all over the inside of the tub, and I pondered it while I was on the toilet, and pondered it some more while I washed my hands and put it in my contacts and then I peered closer with my contact-ed eyes, and still couldn’t figure it out. So I was going to call Fred and ask him what the hell it was, but the instant I walked from the bathroom to the bedroom, I completely forgot about it, and went to get dressed and came downstairs to exercise and eat breakfast and all that. The next time I saw the tub was a few hours later when I walked through the bathroom… on my way to the toilet (WHAT? Shut up, I drink three liters a day, so I pee a lot. You just wish your bladder was as overworked as mine.) and I looked at the tub and I thought “This is ridiculous. This will drive me crazy all day (except that I think we all know that I would have forgotten it the second I sashayed back through the door to the bedroom), I MUST FIGURE THIS OUT.” So I peed and washed my hands, and then I stood over the tub, and I pondered. Was it the remains of something the cats had found and killed? Because that Tommy likes to hang out in the tub. But then, he also likes to chase his tail while he’s in the tub, so perhaps he’s not quite together enough to kill a small creature and leave its remains all over the tub. Was Fred doing construction somewhere in the house to surprise me (perhaps a small outside enclosure where we could put the litter boxes, which he is doing an admirable job of keeping clean(ish), but which still can stink up the upstairs like you would not BELIEVE)? Probably not, because (a) he’s not really a construction kinda guy and (b) I would have heard the saws running, since I’m pretty much in the house 24 hours a day. I looked around and Sugarbutt twined back and forth between my ankles, stopping occasionally to lick the top of my (besocked) foot, because the cat will lick ANYTHING. Last night Fred had to tip the couch onto its back to look at something, and Sugarbutt jumped atop the couch and licked furiously at the fabric for no reason I could think of. Finally, I looked up by Fred’s sink, and the light dawned. When Fred takes a bath, he sits in the tub and does Sudoku puzzles. And sometimes he has to erase things, and so he sits in the tub and madly erases. And what was all over the inside of the tub was the eraser leavings he’d brushed off his Sudoku puzzles, and which apparently floated around in the water until he pulled the plug, and which gravitated to the sides and bottom of the tub. Mystery solved. Just call me Nancy Drew.
It was a Ivana Milicevic kinda weekend for me. First, Friday, I caught up on the two DVR’d episodes of Love Monkey I hadn’t seen yet, and she’s in that. Then Saturday night Fred and I started to watch Slipstream (we didn’t get that far into it before we turned it off), and she’s a major character in that. Then I watched In Her Shoes, and she plays the mother in that (just in pictures). THEN I watched Just Like Heaven on Sunday, and she was in that, too. It’s been a busy year for her, I’d say. Aside from the above-mentioned movies, I also watched Elizabethtown on Sunday. It wasn’t too bad – though Kirsten Dunst gets on my nerves – but I should point out that the majority of my attention was on what I was cross-stitching rather than on the movie, so maybe that made a difference. Same with Just Like Heaven – I was cross-stitching through it, and it didn’t seem to bad to me. Whether that’s because it really isn’t a bad movie or rather because I wasn’t fully paying attention to it, I’ll let you decide. In Her Shoes was really, really good; I recommend it!
* * *
Heading outside (but not for long – it was COLD!) “NO, Dad! I don’t WANT the collar! Oh, PLEASE don’t put the collar on me!” Writhing around on the floor in protest of the collar. One second you’re laying on the floor, enjoying your life… And the next, you’re getting your ass kicked by your big brother.
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