So I had a hair appointment yesterday morning at 9:00, and I had to be home by 11, because we were waiting for someone to come from the furniture store and fix the couch (a bolt underneath fell off and this is the second time it happened; the repair guy said that if it happens again to call him directly and he’d get us a new couch.). I left the hair fixin’ place at 10:45, which gave me plenty of time to get home, so rather than stopping at the grocery store – the grocery list was 63 miles long – I came straight home. And of COURSE the repair guy didn’t show up ’til almost 3:30. But all was not lost – when he hadn’t shown up by 2:00, I left and got groceries anyway. While I was waiting for him, I installed all the software I needed to install for my Brand! New! iPod!

I call him Bob.
It came Tuesday night while we were watching American Idol, and I left the box on my desk to open yesterday when I’d have time to do everything I needed to do. There was a ton of software I needed to install and update, and then I looked through the book, and then I got all pissed off because I wanted to upload some podcasts to the iPod, only they weren’t in iTunes and when I imported them to iTunes, I couldn’t get them to go into the “Podcasts” directory and I couldn’t find ANYTHING ANYWHERE to tell me how to get something from, say, c://tmp/Podcasts to my iPod. So I called Fred and bitched for a while and he pretended to listen to me while surfing the web, then suggested that I ask y’all for help, and we hung up. Then I thought of a solution myself – I created a new playlist in iTunes, called it “Pods”, imported the podcasts, and uploaded it to my iPod. Problem solved! If y’all know of a less convoluted solution, let me know, would you? So far, I like Bob. No, scratch that – I LOVE Bob. My walk was much easier this morning, listening to skip-free Grey’s Anatomy podcasts. I’m not crazy about the ear buds, though, so I switched ’em out for the pair that came with my CD player. Oh, and I’m going to get Bob a yellow silicon cover, so he doesn’t get all scratched up. Have I mentioned that eBay rocks?
* * *
I think I’d like to find a new design for my site. I like this one – especially the color – but I’d like to have two sidebars, and I hate the way there’s a huge space between the title and list of each set of links. If anyone’s seen a design they think is very “me” (I can’t seem to find one I like, on my own), let me know. I like this one not only for the color, but also because it’s a simple, uncluttered design and I can change the header graphic every month.
* * *
Tuesday night, the oddest thing happened. Well, I guess it mostly started in the early afternoon. After I got done with all my cleaning and took my shower, I started feeling really tired. I thought about taking a nap, but decided not to. I stayed tired all afternoon, and then when we were watching American Idol, I realized I was cold – FREEZING cold. I had goosebumps and my teeth were chattering, and I was shivering. I turned on the fire for a little while, but that only warmed me up a little. I pulled the quilt (a lovely heavy old antique quilt Fred found in an antique store a few years ago:
) over me, but that didn’t warm me up much, either. The only thing that helped was to pull my arms into the inside of my shirt and warm them up under my boobs (an excellent spot for warming cold appendages), and even that didn’t help very much. When we went upstairs at bedtime, I was still shaking, and Fred was starting to get worried. He asked me about a thousand questions and seemed somewhat relieved to hear that I wasn’t in any pain. I was still shivering so hard my teeth were chattering and I felt a little nauseous, but I felt no pain anywhere. We couldn’t find the thermometer anywhere, but I thought maybe it was a low blood pressure issue, so Fred got out the blood pressure thingy and my blood pressure was fine. I brushed my teeth and got into bed, and Fred spooned with me, because he was really hot – the house was over 70, which to him is hot and to me is cold – and he figured he could warm me up and I could cool him down. He started sweating pretty quickly and I was still cold, so he put a quilt over me and I pulled the covers up to my chin. After a little while, he said “I could go to Walgreen’s and get a thermometer.” He did – he was there and back in, according to him, eight minutes. The thermometer said that I had a temperature of 100.3, which to me ain’t no fever – I don’t think it even counts ’til you get to 101, personally – but Fred got me some Tylenol and made me drink it. We talked for a while longer, then he went to bed, but not before putting a second quilt on top of me. I finally started to warm up a little, and then about two hours later I woke up, and I was very, very hot. I kicked off the quilts, and was just fine for the rest of the night. Wednesday morning I woke up just fine. I have no idea what was up Tuesday night; Fred hypothesized that I overdid it with the housecleaning, which I suppose could be true. I’m not supposed to be lifting anything over 10 pounds until I’m 6 weeks out from surgery, but I did carry the vacuum cleaner downstairs, so maybe that was not such a good thing to do. I think I should take the rest of the week off from housework just to be sure I don’t overdo it again.
* * *
Pardon the eye booger. I bet Tommy could jump high enough to catch one of those birds that keep teasing him. I love the ears-back look.
All of today’s uploaded pictures are here.
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