* * * Lordy. Yesterday was a big errand-running day for me, again. I had a 1:30 appointment with the nutritionist, and after that I stopped at Target to return a mirror, Michael’s to buy a mirror, and the pet store to buy cat food and some cat toys (DESPERATELY NEEDED, I assure you!). By the time I got home and was unloading the car, Fred got home from work, so I made him carry the cat food upstairs since I’m not supposed to be lifting heavy stuff. (Don’t ask how the cat food got in the car. I think it was magic!) (I’m going to end up popping a hernia, and y’all will be “MmmHMMM, I KNEW that was going to happen, the dumb bitch was lifting shit long before she was supposed to!”) Anyway, it was nice to be out and running errands, because yesterday was gorgeously sunny and warm out – despite the forecasts that claimed it was going to be cold and rainy – and I drove around with my windows cracked and the country music a-blaring. The mirror I returned at Target was one I bought last week because I desperately need to hang a mirror in the bathroom in a location I can get very close to without having to lean over the sink – I can get up close and personal with the mirror over the sink, but it’s an awkward position to be in, and I’m prefer to be standing upright. Why, you are asking (unless you’ve fallen asleep), do I need to get very close to a mirror? Because at night before bed, I take my contacts out, and then I can’t see to put my rosacea cream and moisturizer on. And I don’t like to do it before I take my contacts out, ’cause then I’ll get goop on my contacts, that’s why. So I bought the smallest mirror they had at Target, but not soon after I bought it, I thought “I’m an idiot. I don’t like the mirror, and it’s too damn big for the space! Plus, Michael’s would probably have a mirror I’d like better and would work better for me.” Anyway, after I returned the mirror at Target, I went over to Michael’s, and would you believe that all I could find were big, full-length mirrors? I was frustrated and spent about half an hour browsing through the store before I stumbled upon some 5×7 and 8×10 mirror pieces with beveled edges. 5×7 was pretty much the size I was looking for, so I picked that up and went looking for a frame. I found a plain black frame, and voila! A simple mirror that I could hang, perfect for the space! Of course, I haven’t hung it up yet. I’m sure it’ll have to sit on the bathroom counter for a couple of weeks before I get around to THAT.

Currently reading: Plain Truth, by Jodi Picoult. I’m enjoying it – it’s about Amish people in Pennsylvania, and it’s really making me want to go up to Lawrenceburg, TN and visit the Mennonite community up there – but what bugs me about the book is the constant change of perspective. Sometimes it’s from the lawyer’s point of view, sometimes the detective’s, etc. It’s kind of jarring, and it annoys me a little. That said, I’m still liking it.
* * *
First, you sit there, and you just kind of feel like something’s not quite right. And then The Daddy comes along and messes with your head… “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you’re my only hope.” “How YOU doin’?” “Who’s pickin’ a banjo here?”
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