I had a stern talk with her before I went to pick up her new Mommy. “Maddy,” I said. “Don’t be showing your ass to your new Mommy. She will spoil you ROTTEN, but if you go bouncing over to her and bite her like you like to do, she might change her mind and then I will have to put you in the scary cage at the pet store for ten seconds until a sucker comes along and falls in love with you.” She didn’t listen; they never do. She showed her ass all OVER the place, and not only did she bite and pounce and scratch, she showed off her incredible (non)intelligence by laying on her back and kicking herself in the face. And yet her new Mommy fell in love with her anyway. Who could blame her? Oh, and did I mention who her new Mommy is? That’s right, Nance and Rick are here in ‘Bama! They spent the day hanging out at Casa And3rson and it was SO FREAKIN’ COOL. Nance called me a “peanut of a woman” in her journal, but she is clearly crazy. She’s got that tall, lanky thing going on and I’ve got to tell you – she’s got fabulous hair. It’s so straight and shiny that I kept staring at it like a freak. And she cracked me the hell up all day long. At one point she was talking to Rick on the phone (he had to work for part of the day then came to the house) and she had me laughing so hard just from the faces she was making that the cats were worried. You have to see Nance and Rick together to appreciate them – they play off each other and they’re funny as shit. (We were waiting for dinner to be ready and Nance said a sentence that had “fuck” in it, and then she immediately said “Sorry, Danielle”, and I said “Oh, she’s heard THAT before!”, and the spud said “Yeah. I live with THEM!” Hee!) I cooked for them – Unfried Chicken – and Nance brought Pigs in a Blanket (the Pennsylvania version) with her. Pennsylvania Pigs in a Blanket aren’t what you’d expect. They’re not hot dogs rolled in crescent rolls and baked. They’re beef and rice rolled in cabbage leaves and there’s a tomato sauce there, too. Rick is not a fan of cabbage (as we found out when we met him last time), but I like cabbage. I like beef and rice, and I like tomato sauce. And now I know that I like Pennsylvania Pigs in a Blanket! They were a hit with Fred and the spud, too, and I have a feeling I’ll be demanding the recipe from Nance. Miz Poo loves Nance and Rick. No, I’m sorry, she LOVES THE HELL out of Nance and Rick. Because they told her how pretty she was, and petted her. And petted her. And petted her. And when they were done with that? They petted her some more. There’s nothing Miz Poo likes more than people who appreciate her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up stowing away in their suitcases and going home with them. Actually, she probably loves them most of all because they’ll be taking Maddy with them! Fred and Rick bonded over a Man Movie (X-Men III), and Nance and I went to the mall so she could get some Muppet slippers. She opted for the red ones, which we referred to as her Elmo slippers. (Oh, the Muppet slippers can be found here. Or at Parisian, if you have one in your area.) The cool thing is that they’re going to be here for another day, so there’ll be more hanging out and giggling at their antics. And! Tonight we’re taking them to Smallville so they can see the house and then we’re dragging them to our favorite little country restaurant. You KNOW Fred’s going to try to get them to ride the tractor around the back forty.

* * *
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