The foster kitties, as you can see, have completely made themselves at home. I’ve let the shelter manager know that I think they’re ready to go back to the pet store (I think adoptions will really be picking up in the weeks between now and Christmas), but one or two at a time, rather than all four of them in a (big) cage. Punki, Elle, and Felicia are all friendly enough that I don’t worry about them, but I worry about Skittles. She’s such a scaredy cat that she still hasn’t really spent any time downstairs, preferring to hang around in her safe room. If she hears someone coming up the stairs, she runs and hides under the dresser. At least she comes out almost immediately when she sees that it’s us – she’ll stand and lean up against me and meow and purr for a long time. She likes her petting. Such a sweet girl. Dancing (and smiling) Elle. Pretty Skittles, ready to make the leap. Elle talks to the feather teaser. Elle from above. Pretty Punki girl. Punki makes the leap. ***************************** Sitting in the portal, waiting for the mother ship to arrive. (flickr) “NO, Tommy, this is MY mother ship portal. You go find your OWN, I don’t care if they’re all filled with Christmas presents!” (flickr)


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