Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, I’m at a slightly higher risk of developing liver cancer than those of you with ordinary, boring livers, so along with testing my blood for cancer markers every six months, I have to have it ultrasounded every so often just in case. So I have had nothing by mouth since midnight last night (well, actually nothing since about 12:30, when I woke up and slurped down some water because my mouth was dry, but shhh! Don’t tell the ultrasound tech!) and I am hungry and thirsty, and I hope the ultrasound goes quickly. I have errands to run (Sam’s, TJ Maxx, Michael’s), and I imagine that being hungry is going to make running those errands TOTALLY fun.


(flickr) (flickr) Nowadays, Punki and Felicia are spending all day out running around the house, and we just put them in the foster kitten room because I don’t want to hear the hissing and growling and racing around that would result in letting them stay out all night long, too. They go willingly enough into the foster room at night (actually, anytime you go upstairs, they’ll follow you up and run into the foster room) and will meow loudly a few times before they settle down for the night. Fred lets them out when he gets up at 4:whatever, and sometimes Felicia wakes me up with a questioning “Mrow?”, and sometimes she doesn’t, but she usually just checks in on me and then goes off elsewhere in the house. They sure are cute. Wonder if I could convince Fred that we should adopt them. (I KID.)


Tommy loves to roll around in the leaves on a sunny afternoon. And then he loves to come inside and leave leaves all over the house. That Roomba cannot get here soon enough to suit me. (flickr)


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