Baby’s got back. I was sucking it in so hard in this picture that today every muscle in my abdomen hurts. (pic) Hate the belt. Still sucking it in. I like my hair from this angle. Maybe I should walk around with my head turned and tilted all the time. (pic) Unflattering. Also, dorky look on my face. (pic) I am aware that I need to buy me some Spanx, but I don’t want to. It was bad enough that I was actually considering buying a $40 sweater to wear for ONE occasion, I didn’t want to purchase Spanx on top of it. What will really help the potbelly issue is when I pay a plastic surgeon thousands of dollars to cut the extra skin from my abdomen. Until then, I’ll dig through my closet and find something to wear Christmas morning, secure in the knowledge that no one in Fred’s family will really give much of a shit WHAT I’m wearing.


After months of talking about it, I finally ordered some curtains for my bedroom, and they came late last week, and last night Fred put up the curtain rod, and I hung the curtains, and I’m just not sure. I don’t love them, I know that, but I don’t even know if they go with the room. When I was ordering them, I asked for Fred’s input, and he said I should get them in navy, so I did and this is what they look like: (flickr) I’m aware that they need to be ironed, but other than that, what do you think? Do y’all have suggestions? I want something that will cover the windows at night (it was so nice and dark in my room last night I slept like a baby) but can be pulled to the side during the day. Any and all suggestions appreciated!


I don’t understand this position. I think he was laying on his stomach with his head turned up to face the ceiling, but I’m not quite sure. (flickr)


Previously 2006: I think my favorite part of the video is at the end when the boys are eating and Miz Poo is so intent on getting a snootful of Booger ass that she is uninterested in Snack Time. 2005: I’m sure that if Rachel McAdams knew that pictures of her nipples were going to be splashed all over the internet she would have yanked out the hairs just to spare the Dork Brigade the sheer horror of having to be aware of the fact that she’s a living, breathing human and exists for purposes beyond serving as an image for them to jerk off to. 2004: I’d swear to never use Amazon again, but it’s so FREAKING convenient I just can’t help myself. 2003: Clearly we were in the presence of REALLY important people. 2002: Because I’m just that good. 2001: That’s right, damnit, I’m a chick magnet! 2000: We’re standing strong in the face of those two snowflakes. 1999: Though I guess “substance” would be a matter of opinion.]]>