Warning: potentially disturbing pictures. Shhhhhh. Don’t say anything. He’s out there right now, watching me. I don’t want him to know I know he’s there. I’m being held captive in the house by a serial killer. (Is it “serial killer” or “mass murderer”? Let me go wikipedia that…. Okay, serial killer was right.) NO! Don’t call the police! Jesus, he’ll know we’re onto him, and he’ll go out and do some more killing and the blood would be on our hands! I tried sneaking out the front door, but he sensed what I was doing, and before I could get the door open, he was there. Trapping me inside. I tried running for the back door, but he’s faster than I am, even with having to jump over the fence carrying his latest victim. I’m trapped. Completely. (flickr) God, he’s deceptively sweet looking. Who would have ever guessed that a cold-blooded killer lies within? I’m okay, though. I’ve got enough food and water to last me for some time, even a couple of weeks if you include the canned food. I just hope Fred doesn’t get caught. I would have called to warn him, but the phone wires have been chewed through. My cell phone is somehow missing. (flickr) It’s like he planned it. Like he went out to do his latest killing knowing that I wouldn’t want to let him inside so he could eat his latest victim. That’s right – EAT his latest victim. He’s a monster. The eyes of a lover, the heart of a monster the world has never seen before. (flickr) No remorse for his horrible deeds. Just another day for him. I’ll hold him off as long as I can. If you drive by and see the flashing blue lights of the local police, you’ll know I wasn’t able. Make sure you tell the reporters I did my best to stop his lifelong killing spree. (flickr) The face of evil. Who knew it’d be so soft and fuzzy and cute? (flickr) (flickr)


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