new logo! This one’s staying up for the rest of December. Local reader Jean (who has actually BEEN to Crooked Acres) created this one for me, and I can’t stop laughing at the chicken in a Santa hat. Love it! Thanks, Jean!


Those of you who waited ’til the last few days to send me your names and addresses for Christmas cards, be aware that I ran out of the cards I had printed at VistaPrint, so had to slap something together. Yesterday was a mad dash to Huntsville to buy blank greeting cards at Michael’s, except that I found when I got home that “note cards” are not the same thing as “greeting cards”, so in lieu of going all the damn way back to Huntsville, I went to Staples and found blank greeting cards, then affixed the picture to the front of the cards and wrote the message on the inside in green ink. They are by no means professional, but you get the same card, basically, as the non-procrastinators. Someone asked in yesterday’s comments whether I’ll be putting up pictures of the cards I’ve received. I will, probably next week when I put up the yearly cards sent/ received stats. The cards I received in 2006 are here, and 2005 are here, in case you’re interested.


I recently read… somewhere (forgive me, I don’t remember where) about someone taking part in a Progressive Dinner Party. It sounds pretty neat – you have appetizers at one house, move on to the next for soup and salads, the next for the main course, and finish up at someone’s house for dessert. However, does it or does it not sound like a totally ’70s concept? I expected to read “And after we had fabulous chocolate crepes for dessert, we moved on to Bob’s house for the key party to end the night on a high note.” That’s not how it ended (or if it did, they didn’t admit it); is it wrong that I’m a little disappointed?


Someone did a search yesterday that led me to believe they were looking for information on the Diva Cup (they searched on The Keeper, which I’ve never used). I continue to love my Diva Cup, though there are times I can’t get it to pop out the way it’s supposed to, so I have to take it out, put it back in, twirl it around, do the goddamn hokey pokey and curse god before it does what it’s supposed to. I would take the Diva Cup over tampons any day of the week, though. Tampons SUCK. Well, periods suck altogether, but if you are cursed with being fertile (or at least having your period on a semi-regular basis), I highly recommend the Diva Cup. Takes some getting used to, the insertion and removal, but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. Insertion tip: I find it helps to have the Diva Cup as warm as possible, so once it’s rinsed clean, I hold it under warm water for a few seconds before folding it up and inserting it. Oh. Sorry, guys. You might have wanted to skip that part.


Things that have recently made me laugh my ass off (or at least giggle): Crazy Bus Lady. (From reader Stacee) Kitty Wigs! Can’t you just see Miss Stank as a bashful blonde and Tommy in blue? This AOL commercial cracks me UP. (In case not everyone knows all three of the videos they’re mocking, there’s the Don’t Tase Me Bro, the Leave Britney Alone, and the Miss Teen South Carolina. I love the internet.) And my sister sent me this one. The sound effect at the end is just perfect!


On a side note, I tried to sign up for the gmail address dont.spam.me.bro@gmail because I thought it would be funny to use for my online purchases, but to my utter dismay, someone else had already snatched it up. DAMNIT.


You’d think this would have ended with a dead kitten, but Miz Poo smacked once, then just walked away. She’s mellowing in her old age. (flickr)


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