02DSC04933 (flickr) I stayed up late last night, so into the Greg Iles book I’m reading that I couldn’t put it down ’til I forced myself at 1 am. I went upstairs to pee before I turned in, and it had stopped snowing. This morning it was bright and sunny and NOT snowing for once. 02DSC04932 (flickr) 02DSC04985 (flickr) 02DSC04982 (flickr) 02DSC04976 Fred looks like he’s about 12 years old in this picture. (flickr) My father spent the morning snow-blowing and shoveling the snow that had accumulated after he snow-blowed and shoveled last night. We spent an hour or so taking ornaments off the tree and packing up Christmas decorations (putting Christmas decorations up and taking them down are multi-day affairs. There’s a LOT of Christmas decorating going on in this house, believe you me.) and then he went off to run errands, which included purchasing a lobster roll for me at a nearby store. I LURVE THE LOBSTER. 02DSC04966 (flickr) After lunch, my mother and I went down to Bath to hit our favorite stores – Reny’s, the drugstore, and Magnolia. I ended up buying only some bath stuff at Magnolia; once again, although we’ve done about as much shopping as we usually do, my actual buying is nothing like it’s been in the past. That’s less my desire to spend money than my desire to not have to deal with shipping stuff home, I think. 02DSC04996 (flickr) 02DSC04995 (flickr) On the way home from Bath, we stopped in Topsham at JoAnn’s Fabrics. I ended up buying some cat-print material to use in the future. We also stopped in the pet store to eyeball the dogs (I feel so damn sorry for those dogs, confined to such small cages), then went down to the card store where I picked up several things and walked around the store with them before ultimately deciding not to buy anything. We’re planning to hit Freeport this weekend, and I suspect the majority of my purchasing will be done there, between LL Bean, Cool as a Moose, and the Pet Pantry. Debbie and Brian came over and hung around for part of the evening. We had ham italians from The Kitty Corner (which just changed owners, but we’ve been assured that nothing will change. Given that the best sandwiches on earth are ham italians from there, I find myself more than a little relieved), and then I watched a little of Debbie’s favorite show (and current obsession), Ghost Hunters, and then went off to finish reading my book. Tomorrow, we’re out of here early and will be home late, so expect an entry to go up very late, possibly close to midnight, depending on how the day goes.


Webster, I can tell you that I don’t like being cold and I especially don’t like being cold and wet, and so there was no way on earth I was going out into the snow to build a snowman for you. However, my father saw your request, so here you go, courtesy of him. He made it in the middle of last night’s snowstorm. Snowman1 (flickr)


02DSC05018 Benji, exhausted from his long, long day of barking at the paper boy, keeping an eye on my father, and sniffing everything twice. (flickr)


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