Readers, Suzy wants to shave her head again this year. Who are we to deny her? She’s shaving her head in memory of an 8 year-old named John, who lost his life to leukemia. Donate and help her meet her goal!   Okay, you guys wanted to vote on your favorite And3rson kitty, so here’s … Continue reading “2-15-08”

Readers, Suzy wants to shave her head again this year. Who are we to deny her? She’s shaving her head in memory of an 8 year-old named John, who lost his life to leukemia.

Donate and help her meet her goal!


Okay, you guys wanted to vote on your favorite And3rson kitty, so here’s your poll!

Picking a favorite cat

Who’s your favorite And3rson kitteh?

Miz Poo
Mister Boogers
Tom Cullen
Maxi (Miss Momma)
Joe Bob
One of the deceased (Spot, Tubby, Fancypants)
I could never choose one favorite!
I hate them all.
  Current Results


What do you think of Brother Love? He annoys the holyhell out of me – every time he’s on it turns into the brother love show. I seem to be alone in my opinion though 🙁 I totally agree with you about Eats Paste replacing Dina – that’d be awesome! I hope Patrice comes back soon too. She’s definitely the highlight of the show for me – I wish she had her own podcast! Thank you btw, you got me into KATG a long time ago

Oh, I ADORE Brother Love. He’s such a sweet guy and he’s so HAPPY that I can’t help but love him with all my heart.

Also, Patrice is back! Apparently there was something going on with her digestive system and she had to have some of her intestines removed, poor thing. I just listened to last Thursday’s show (actually, I’m not quite done listening to it), and it is GOOD to have her back!


I love it when you post clips from the “Scrubs” musical episode. I’ve never seen the entire thing (keep missing the reruns), but I’ve absolutely loved every song I’ve seen. One of these days, I’ll just rent the DVD with that episode on it, I suppose.

When they showed it in rerun last April, we got it on the DVR, and it’s still on the DVR. We watch it occasionally and every now and then I fast-forward through to watch my favorite songs.

I love this one (the first song), because it sounds so much like something you’d hear from Grease and the slow song because I love me a slow, sad song.


So what is that tail looking thing with Tommy and the bags?

That’s regarding this picture. It’s a mink tail. Someone gave it to my sister for her cats, but either her cats weren’t interested or she was too ooked out by the idea, so she gave them to me. Miz Poo LOVES it, and will walk through the house with it in her mouth, keening. Skittles does the same thing, too. They all like playing with it, but it’s a particular favorite for Miz Poo.


Not sure if you seen this, but its absolutely adorable.

I swear to god, I thought that was Tommy and Sugarbutt when I first saw it. What is it about black cats and orange cats? They seem to love to team up, for some reason.


Okay, do you know how awesome you and yours are (including McLovin’ , and I don’t even like chickens all that much)? But those cat paraphernalia? I’d probably kill anyone who’d suggest that I could like this (I like me my kitties au naturel). Sooooo … how much into cat paraphernalia (you know, those cutesie little pins and eyeglass holders and statues) are you?

Well, to be fair, I think she was suggesting that the descriptions were what I’d like, not necessarily the products (especially since they’re a tad expensive for my tastes). I don’t think I have THAT much cat paraphernalia, so I went through the house and took pictures of everything I have (except for cat furniture and beds, though I might do that at a later date, right before I expire from the horror of having too goddamn many cats) and you can see that stuff… here. I might have missed a few things, because I just kind of blew through the house snapping pictures, but that’s the majority of it, anyway.


Robyn, have you seen this? These kitties look suspiciously like Tommy and The Boog.

It DOES look very much like Tommy and The Boog (sounds like a cartoon, doesn’t it?), and they are known to occasionally snuggle up like that from time to time. Usually it devolves into a fight when Tommy’s had about as much loving as he can stand, and he goes to move away, but Mister Boogers is NOT DONE, so he growls and holds Tommy down and continues with the grooming. Tommy’s such a good boy, he just lays there and takes it.


Pygmy goats now? I say within six months you’ll be raising alpacas. Alpacas? Alpaci?

Though I will never say never, I can say that at this point in time, there are no Alpaca plans. The back forty’s only so big, you know!


Do you have AT&T cell service? Do you get phones with the contract discount, or outright? My husband has beat the hell out of another phone, and I don’t want to have to get another contract. Not because I have a problem with the service, but because the plan we have now is $10 a month less than the cheapest plan they now have. We’ve been trying to find a simple flip phone for him to just switch out the SIM card, but they’re all ridiculously high. Online, I can’t find the one he wanted without the site requiring a plan (Amazon, etc.). I did find some unlocked ones, but they were high, and didn’t have the one he wanted. Suggestions?

We have T-M0bile, but as soon as our contracts come up for renewal, we’ll be canceling our service with them. Any time we want to do anything at all, they require a contract extension and I hate that shit.

Did you try looking on eBay? I got the Razr phone before this one from there, and it was unlocked and worked just fine when I moved my SIM card over.

Readers? Other suggestions?


I linked to your recipes page from my recipe site World Famous Nosh, hope you don’t mind. I find that your kind of good eatin’ and my kind of good eatin’ jive very nicely.

But of course – we Mainers have to stick together!

Also, when the chickens get out, do you do a head count to make sure they’re all there? You’ve posted a couple of photos of a hawk (“I’m a chicken hawk! An’ I eat chickens!”) so I wondered if you were worried about it at all.

It’s actually kind of rare that the chickens get out on their own, but yeah, the other day when I coaxed them all back into their yard, I did a quick count to make sure they were all present. I’m not so worried about the hawks now that we have McLovin, ’cause it’s actually supposed to be his job to protect his wimmins, so if a hawk starts circling, he – theoretically, anyway, since I haven’t seen this in action myself – will raise the alarm and prepare to kick some hawk ass.


For those lemon and lime devotees (myself included) there is something called Tru Lemon, Tru Lime and Tru Orange. I can vouch for the lemon and lime. They hang out in my baking section with the artificial sweeteners.

I am imagining the Tru Lemon partying with your spices, hitting on the cinnamon. Heh.

I can verify that the Tru Lemon is very lemony, I tried it at one point in the past. I’m not one for lemon in my drinks, though. Unless it’s lemonade!


I’d like to watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles from the beginning; I’ve missed them all. Is there any way I can watch them somewhere on my PC?

You can download all the shows from iTunes, but they cost $1.99 a show. Or you can go to the Fox website and watch them there.


Which part is the upholstery attachment? Does it have a beater bar? That one that’s 4 or 5 inches with the beater is the one I use for the stairs. I have yet to use the long, flat one for anything. Oh, and it does work much better with a clean filter.

Yep, that’s the upholstery attachment – and it does a kick ass job getting cat hair off the back of our couches. I never use the long, flat attachment, usually just the upholstery attachment and the little brush (for cleaning the stairs).


I suppose it will only raise undue hilarity if I point out that the chicken coop in my grandfather’s farm 75 years ago was big enough for them to live in. I know this because my father was born in that chicken coop.

That new chicken coop would be the IDEAL size for a small guest cottage out in the back forty (among the pigs and goats – we know how to treat our guests right!), but I can’t seem to convince Fred of that.

And why was your father born in the chicken coop? Did your grandmother go into labor while she was checking for eggs?


I don’t know if you guys are worried enough to do this, but if you really don’t want McLovin (hehehe, I laugh every time I read that) [to get out of the chicken yard] you can trim the feathers on one wing so he’s off balance and can’t fly. You may already know that and don’t want to mess up his pretty feathers, but I thought I’d throw it out there. They will grow back pretty quickly; I remember helping my mom do that to our chickens every couple of months or so. It was the highlight of my day, getting to go outside after dark to catch the chickens and trim wings! HA!

Several months ago, we did that very thing to Frick and Flappy, because we were worried they’d get out of the yard and wander off and y’all KNOW how much I love that damn Frick. I was really worried about doing it, I was afraid I’d hurt them, but it was really easy to do, and they didn’t seem to mind it. I’m okay with McLovin getting out of the chicken yard. He always stays close and keeps an eye on his bitchez and if he thinks there’s something going on, he has no problem getting back into the chicken yard to investigate. I was concerned at first that he’d wander off the property, but he never does, so if he wants to escape the yard from time to time, I’m okay with that.


You totally need to get some of these!!


Nigerian Dwarfs for the goats! They only *occasionally* head-butt the cats. Added bonus: It’s hilarious to watch a goat head-butt a cat.

SO CUTE! We could practically put those little bitty cows in the back yard, couldn’t we?

I’m still hoping for NO goats, personally, but I’m not going to fight the inevitable.


Are you watching Idol or Big Brother? I know you watch Survivor. What would I do if I actually had some semblance of a social life what with many of my favorite reality shows airing during the same season!

We don’t watch Big Brother ’cause it requires too damn much of a time commitment (which is a ridiculous thing to say, I guess, since we have nothing else to watch these days!). We did start watching the latest season of American Idol, but we got bored and turned it off halfway through the first episode. We came to the conclusion that we can only watch horrible singers sing horribly for so long before it starts to be the same old shit.

But, hey! Strike is over! Woot!

(Also, we have NO social life at all.)


Robyn – Sorry this is long, but I’d really value your input on this. Who is more wrong in this scenario (and should be the first to apologize)?

The Scene: Family get-together with Dad, Mom (in their sixties), Sister (age 41), Brother (age 42), Brother’s Wife (age 41).

Fun facts: Brother is, and always has been, very tall and thin. Sister is very short and has gained a significant amount of weight in the past ten years.

Daughter to Son: Hey Stickman! When are you gonna put on some weight so you won’t look like a death camp survivor?

Son to Daughter: Hey Lardass! When are you gonna LOSE some weight so you won’t have the insulation of a Polar Bear?

At this point Sister runs out of room in a huff and, many days later, is still pissed.

Parents just want peace and are prodding Brother to apologize first.

Oh yeah, I’m the Brother’s wife. Oh Happy Day.

I was going to answer this, but Rose answered it exactly the way I would have:

Your sister-in-law started the appearance-based banter, so she is in the wrong. If she’s going to dish it out, she should be able to take it. This comes, BTW, from a fellow polar bear in a family of stickpeople.

And like someone else in my comments said, if she wasn’t ready to take it, she shouldn’t have been dishing it out!

Your sister-in-law sounds like she suffers from Drama Queenitis, with a dash of Wounded Princess and it doesn’t matter to her that she started it, her FEELINGS have been HURT, oh woe! Your husband might have to be the bigger person (har de har) here and offer up a “I’m sorry if your feelings were hurt but GODDAMN YOU ANNOY THE SHIT OUT OF ME WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT HOW SKINNY I AM YOU BITCHY DRAMA QUEEN!” (only maybe leave the last part out. Heh.), or the drama queen will drag it out for yeeeeeeeeears.


You mentioned in past posts a topical spot treatment for ringworm for the cats. I have purchased Lotrimin for myself (…yes, I caught ringworm from my cats)… and I was curious what you used on the cats. I have dip, and the vet mentioned oral medication, but the oral med is hard on one of the internal organs, so they don’t like to prescribe it.

Miconazole cream, is what we were given. We’ve never had a terribly bad case of ringworm (thank you god), and the few small cases we’ve had to deal with, the miconazole cream has worked well for us.


I have a cat question for you, don’t know if you know the answer but maybe someone else does. I have transitioned my cat from dry food to canned (long story that I won’t write here) but am having a hard time finding one that he likes. Most of them he will slurp up the gravy (if it is the sliced or chunky kind) and then won’t touch it. I think he is still in the mindset of dry food in a way, that he should have food available all day. I don’t think I should be leaving the canned food out for hours and hours but if I don’t I’d be giving him something every 3 or 4 hours instead of twice a day which is what it sounds like most people do with the canned food. Any suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated. Oh yeah he’ll eat some of it eventually or if I give him the pureed kind he’ll eat some of it. Right now I am giving him the small cans of Fancy Feast, if I gave him even half of the tuna sized cans I’d be throwing most of it away. As it is I am still throwing a lot of it out. HELP!

I’ve actually never had to switch cats over from dry to wet food, so I’m going to leave this one open for the readers. Readers, suggestions, comments, your experience?

(Edited to add: There are a couple of responses in the comments to yesterday’s entry)


I was watching 2 1/2 Men the other night and noticed that Jon Cryer reminds me of Fred. Have you ever got that vibe before? It may just be me. Anyway it is meant as a compliment. I think if Jon has a sick day that Fred could stand in for him at the very least.

You’re actually not the first person to suggest that Fred looks like Jon Cryer – at least two other people have said that in the past few years. I guess I can kinda see the resemblance (especially in this picture). If Fred still had his hair longer than it is now, the resemblance would be stronger, I think.

Jon Cryer’s come a long way since he was Duckie in Pretty in Pink, hasn’t he?


Waffles or pancakes?

I rarely eat either, but if I had to choose, I’d say pancakes. With lots of butter and syrup. I’ve never been a big waffle fan – they’re one of those foods that smell really good to me, but just don’t taste as amazing as they smell. Weird, huh?


God, squirrels are cute. It’s the little snub nose and the itty bitty ears, I think.

We ordered a marker to put on Spot’s grave (it’s a stone. It says “Spot” on it.) and I opened the box when it came to make sure it looked okay. And then Elleh-Belleh decided that would be a good place to sleep.

Ellie-Belleh up close.

And yet, somehow I’m SURPRISED that the bedspread is covered in cat hair.


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