Thank you, my peeps, for the bra recommendations. Reader Kathy pointed me to LadyGrace.com, where they had MY bra on sale for under $15, so I ordered a buttload (and then I think I offered to marry Kathy, who ROCKS). And now that I can stop worrying about finding a good bra, I’m going to … Continue reading “6/12/08”

Thank you, my peeps, for the bra recommendations. Reader Kathy pointed me to LadyGrace.com, where they had MY bra on sale for under $15, so I ordered a buttload (and then I think I offered to marry Kathy, who ROCKS). And now that I can stop worrying about finding a good bra, I’m going to start looking for replacements, which I can take my time about.

I hear those of you who recommend the Lane Bryant Cacique and the Wacoal bras. I will definitely be giving those a try in the future!

I absolutely refuse to be measured by a professional, because the most recent time in my life when I was measured by the so-called “professional” bra fitter at JC Penney, a woman who came highly recommended, she measured me and then gave me these little lacy bras and I tried them on, they didn’t fit worth a shit and I had flabby skin hanging out in all directions. I don’t remember much about the first time I was measured by a professional at a fancypants bra shop, but it was a similar experience for me.

I measured myself using this page, and I tried six or seven bras, and when I discovered the Olga I’ve been wearing for the past few years, I thought my troubles were ALL OVER.

Not so much. Hmph.

I know it’s going to take some looking, and I’m willing to keep trying on bras ’til I find what works for me. And did I mention thank you, y’all, for your suggestions? You guys always come through. Who’s got better readers than me? NO ONE, that’s who!

When I win the lottery, I will buy each and every one of you the bra of your dreams. Promise!



I measured the rest of me the other day, because I need to buy a shaping garment like such before my next appointment with the surgeon (after 5 weeks, I get to discard the binder, woot!). So I was curious what size I’d need, and so I measured my hips and my waist.

My waist is a size 2X on the Flexees size chart, and my hips are a size large. I look kind of hourglass-y to myself when I look in the mirror, but apparently I’m more of a rectangle.

Yeah, I’m still swollen and I can’t really depend on those measurements as yet, but still. Hmph.



By the way, I’ve consolidated and moved my links page to make life easier for me. It’s here now, and it’s updated (as of yesterday), but as always there are probably sites I read that aren’t listed. I’ll add them as I think of it! The link on the left sidebar has been updated as well.



Things that happened while I was recovering from surgery that I never told y’all about:

1. We got a new septic tank. Apparently the field lines in our old septic tank were shot and the guy who’d pumped out our septic tank was all “Oh hai, may I have some moneys?” And Fred was all “If I gives you the cash, a price break?” And the guy was all “Oh hellz yes, pls.” And then Fred was all “The sooner the better!” And the guy was all “Hold up there, hoss, I cannot be tied down! Maybe by the end of the week!” Then time went by, the pages flew off the calendar and Fred was all “WTF? Whyfor, when we’re all HERE HAVE SOME MONEY! do the contractors vanish into the distance?” and he called the guy and the guy was all “Uh, I was waiting! For a part! Yeah, a part! Maybe Wednesday!” and they worked it out so that when we were at the hospital all day, the guy would be here installing the septic tank and field lines, and so by the time I got home Friday mid-morning, it was pretty much done except for the smoothing of the dirt, which he finished Friday. And Fred put grass seed and straw in the front yard to encourage a lawn to grow, and it’s slowly, patchily growing in.

2. The Saturday after I got home from the hospital, Fred put out a sign indicating that we had “Fresh Eggs $2.50”, and a family stopped and they wanted both of the dozen eggs and they just happened to ask if we had any chicks they could buy so they could take them home and have their own source of fresh eggs in a few months. Fred thought about it, and decided to sell them five of the chicks we’d hatched ourselves, and then he came in and told me about it, and here’s the kicker: we felt (and still feel) kind of bad about selling those chicks. And what’s STUPID is that those chicks are going to live longer in their new home than they would have here, because those chickens came from the batch of chicks we decreed would be our meat chickens, but still – who knows what conditions they’ll be living in? THOSE POOR DAMN BABIES.

3. I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned it or not, but Fred has been selling eggs on eBay. Not for eating, for hatching. Eggs! On eBay! Have you ever heard such a thing? He’s sold, I think, four dozen eggs, maybe more. And he carefully wraps each egg in bubble wrap, then wraps the egg carton in tape and buries the whole thing in styrofoam peanuts. Eggs have gone to Washington State, Milwaukee, and New York. The woman in Milwaukee actually bought a second dozen from Fred. It’s kind of neat that there are babies from Mclovin and the girls being born all over the country, but at the same time, I’ve gotta wonder – are fertilized eggs really at such a premium that people need to buy them on eBay from some weird guy in Alabama?



I bought blueberries on sale at the grocery store on Monday, and like ten minutes after I bought them they started growing mold, so I was able to make one blueberry coffee cake out of the one non-moldy pint of blueberries I had, and ended up tossing the other two pints to the chickens.

There is seriously nothing cuter on earth than little bitty baby chickens running around with blueberries in their beaks, shrieking their “I HAS FOOD! I HAS FOOD!” sound.



Very important words of advice from Mia regarding the Tylenol/ Advil combo:

On the tylenol/advil combo. My assvice to you, from someone who works in pharmacy is to be very careful about how much tylenol you’re taking between the combo and the vicodin. You should never take more than 4000mgs of tylenol in a 24 hr. period. Your vicodin may have 325mg or 500mg per tablet plus whatever strength tylenol you take in the combo. People are under the assumption that tylenol being otc is that it’s safe, that’s why some people use it as a choice for a “call for help overdose” problem being is that it doesn’t take much before you end up on the liver organ donor list. That’s the end of my pharmacology lecture.

Thanks, Mia!



I made a kitten movie last night, and when I was done and it was processing, I found that it was SEVEN minutes long. I can barely bear to sit and watch a two minute movie; I’m not going to subject anyone to a SEVEN minute long kitten movie. So I made it shorter and I’ll post one a day for the next week or so.

Wild Things playing:

I actually shot this last week, so they were 6 weeks old at the time, even though they’re… well hell, they’re 8 weeks old today!

You can also download it in mpg form, here.

I call this series…

Drama Kitten is Very Dramatic.

She will be appearing in the local Catspearean production of Romeo & Juliet. Above, she’s practicing for her big death scene.

A few more Zoe-in-bowl pics over at Flickr.



Happy Joe.



2007: “nom nom” is HILARIOUS.
2006: He’s such a nosy little fucker.
2005: No entry.
2004: No entry.
2003: Wouldn’t it be funny if as soon as we put all the flyers out in the neighborhood, he came swishing home?
2002: “NO,” he said with great certainty. “That was YOU!”
2001: But look at that little face. How can you not see it and just grin like a fool?
2000: Which is better than it could have been – we were afraid his foot was slowly rotting off.