If you’re interested in gazing upon pictures of how I’m looking these days, I posted some (clothed) pictures of me over at OneFatBitchypoo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Fred took yesterday and today off (four-day weekend! Woot!), and yesterday we went to see the new Indiana Jones. I myself am not an Indiana Jones fan (Fred is, big … Continue reading “6/13/08”

If you’re interested in gazing upon pictures of how I’m looking these days, I posted some (clothed) pictures of me over at OneFatBitchypoo.



Fred took yesterday and today off (four-day weekend! Woot!), and yesterday we went to see the new Indiana Jones. I myself am not an Indiana Jones fan (Fred is, big time), but when offered the chance to go sit in a movie theater, I was definitely up for that.

We made it to the theater just in time to see all the trailers, and when the Wanted trailer came on, I whispered “I want to see that!”, and Fred whispered back “It looks cheesy. It’s too over-the-top.” And I rolled my eyes.

Halfway through the movie, as Shia LaBeouf was SWINGING THROUGH THE JUNGLE ON VINES, I leaned over to Fred and said “Wow, this sure is a realistic movie. Not over the top at all!”, and he whispered back that I should shaddup.

I was, shall we say, very underwhelmed by the movie. I might have to go see Sex and the City next week to make up for it.

PS: I like Harrison Ford and think Shia LaBeouf is adorable, but still don’t particularly recommend the movie.



Speaking of movies, we watched Jumper the other night. It wasn’t a bad movie – also, Billy Elliot! All growed up!

“This isn’t a bad movie,” Fred said at one point. “Even though Christian Haydensen is the worst actor in the world.”

I swear to god, I sat and thought about it and dithered back and forth about it for at least five minutes before I burst forth with “Isn’t it HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN, not Christian Haydensen?” Because Christian Haydensen sounds like it COULD be a real name, right?

PS: I do not know what Fred’s beef is with Hayden Christensen. I thought he was fabulous in Life as a House.



Don’t fertilized eggs have to be kept at a certain temperature? I remember you being worried because the momma hen would go sit on the wrong nest; how does Fred ensure the temperature of the eggs as they’re in transit, or does the temperature only come into play at a certain time during the incubation period?

I was going to ask Fred for the answer to this (because fuck if I know!), but FarmWife already answered it in my comments, so I didn’t have to ask!

Elayne, you can store eggs at room temp for several weeks before you incubate them. They’re pretty tough.



How do you know which eggs are fertilized, and which eggs are just regular ole eggs for eating?

You don’t – they all look the same (and you can eat fertilized eggs, by the way, they taste just the same). Fred always ships a couple extra, just in case, and the people who bid know that we don’t know which ones are fertile and which aren’t, and they’re taking a chance that some of them might not be fertile.



There’s an argument going on at a board I frequent (as does Fred) about spaying/neutering at too young an age. The cats I have adopted from the SPCA were spayed early and don’t seem the worse for it. The others I have came from the cat colony at the apartments I used to live in and were trapped at later ages and were spayed/neutered, and one was spayed after she went through a couple of heats (but no kittens). Basically, I’m just wondering your opinion on the procedure at such young ages.

I was told by several people that neutering/ spaying at such a young age would lead to weird, whiny cats with an unnatural attachment to me, but Sugarbutt and Tom Cullen were both neutered at two pounds (or thereabouts), and they’ve grown up to be no different from our other cats, attachment- and personality-wise.

I think it’s pretty awesome that they can be spayed and neutered before they’re adopted out – I know that when I adopted Miz Poo, I had to sign a statement promising to have her spayed before she was a year old (I think), and I think at the time that all shelters made everyone sign the same sort of agreement. I’m certain, though, that a lot of people didn’t bother, and the shelters didn’t have the resources to follow up. This way, they can be certain that the cats that are adopted out won’t end up pumping out litter after litter of unwanted kittens.

To be honest, I would have thought that the spaying and neutering would help cut down on the unwanted kittens, but considering that the shelter processed 14 (FOURTEEN) kittens in one day last week, it appears that it’s unfortunately not so.



Your FEEDJIT shows that I’m in Campbell River, B.C. I’m not. I live in Qualicum Beach, about an hour’s drive south of there. How does that work?


I believe it goes by your IP address and where your ISP is located or something.

I think that’s probably right – I was showing up as coming from Closeville, where our ISP is located, rather than Smallville, which is where I actually am.



Just a quick comment on the location of your new belly button. After my tummy tuck, I also thought my belly button was higher than it should be My hubby thought so too. According to the surgeon (who was phenomenal, so I’m not complaining) the bely button is normally located at the dip in the waist. However, while looking at old pictures at one point, I saw some presurgery shots of myself in a bikini, and sure as heck, my belly button was much lower than it is now. I guess I’m the deformed one, because my BB was way lower than the narrowest part of my waist. It’s been a few years since surgery now, and though I still find it high, it doesn’t look weird or anything. There. I bet you’re glad I shared THAT!

I’m glad I’m not the only one with the belly button issues. I’ll say, though, that when I look at myself naked in the mirror (which I’ve done lots and lots of in the past few weeks, believe me) my belly button doesn’t look weirdly high. But when I look down at myself, it does.



You knew I was going to yell about this bra business so don’t even start. Have you been measured by a professional? Because I don’t buy this triple D business. I have not spent a great deal of time examining your boobehs, but 36DDD sounds like the wrong size to me.

That damn Jane, she’s always trying to get a look at my boobehs. I translate this comment as “SHOW US YOUR BOOBEHS.” So, fine.

Keep in mind that they look smaller than they are because I’m wearing a child’s size large t-shirt (it was the spud’s when she was little, and it has a picture of Tweety and says “You are no match to my supewiow intewect” across it) between my skin and the binder. I swear to you, I am wearing the right damn bra size!



Can someone tell me why bra designers/manufactures automatically assume that if you are a larger sized woman with “back fat” you must have big boobs??? I have been searching for a bra in a small B cup with a band that will contain the “back fat”in a 40 or 42 band size. Could anyone help with that???

Good question! Readers, any advice?



Do you think Kaylee looks like Miz Poo at all? I don’t mean the obvious, that they’re both torties, just curious if her markings or head shape or anything are similar?



No, not particularly, aside from the black nose and the white “bib.” Personality-wise, they’re definitely not alike – Kaylee’s kind of standoffish and Miz Poo is just a big ball o’ Needy.



how are you liking the L Word? I absolutely adore that show — the characters are all so easy to get attached to…and I especially have a soft spot for Shane, even though I can’t relate to her in the slightest….oh, so good.

At the end of the second episode, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep watching it, but by the end of the 4th, I really, really liked it. I think Shane’s probably my favorite cast member – I might have a little crush on her. I especially want to see what’s going to happen with Jenny, who I think is utterly adorable.



Isn’t it uncomfortably warm to wear these compression undergarments that have been mentioned?

No, not really – it helps that I wear a tank top or t-shirt between my skin and the binder, but what helps the most is that I don’t spend all that much time outside right now, and we have air conditioning inside!

God bless whoever invented air conditioning.



New kitten movie. This one features lots of River, up close.

You can also download it here in mpg format.

Lately, when I open the kitten door to go in and hang out, Inara and River rush the door. They’re little and they’re quick, so they usually get out the door – I can block one little body, but not two – and I generally just shut the door and let them wander around for a few minutes.

River will generally stay pretty close to the foster room door – he likes to check out the bathroom and the “airlock” we put in place (a moving box I cut along one edge that blocks the view of the hallway from the foster room doorway so Kara won’t see any of our cats hanging out in the hallway and fly into a killing rage). Inara, on the other hand, is an explorer. I should’ve named her Dora. She’s checked out the hallway, the bathroom, my room, and has been about halfway down the stairs before she got scared and turned around. After a few minutes I grab her up and bring her back into the foster room. I may let the kittens explore for a few hours this weekend, though – it will do them good to have a little freedom and come face-to-face with our cats. I just wish Kara wasn’t in defend-my-babies-to-the-death mode, I bet she’d LOVE to get the hell out of that room and have the entire house to explore.

Dancing Kitteh likes to dance.

“Holy shit! I think – am I FLYING?!”

“Dude, you’re FLYING! Straighten out your tail. STRAIGHTEN OUT YOUR TAIL!”

More kitten pics over at Flickr.



Happy Friday the 13th!

Watch out for those black cats. They are EVIL.



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