The spud made it home yesterday just fine. She was flying via US Air, but she wasn’t on the flight that went into the Hudson. Thank god. (And thank god that all passengers made it off that flight!) & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & … Continue reading “1/16/09”

The spud made it home yesterday just fine. She was flying via US Air, but she wasn’t on the flight that went into the Hudson. Thank god.

(And thank god that all passengers made it off that flight!)

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When Fred called me at home yesterday and recounted this conversation with his father, I howled. Because first of all, FRED LOOKS JUST LIKE HIS FATHER. I would have thought that his father’s first step would have been to call Fred and ask what his blood type was, just to be sure that he remembered correctly. I’m curious as to whether or not Fred’s father discussed this with Fred’s stepmother at all, because she’s a very sensible woman, and I would have thought she’d tell him he was being a dumbass.

I do feel some sympathy for the man, I’m sure he struggled long and hard whether to tell Fred, why it must have been a good twelve hours of fretting and googling, but mostly I’m just shaking my head and laughing.

(Also, who are you weirdos who actually KNOW what your blood type is? I haven’t got a clue what my blood type or the spud’s blood type or for that matter, what the blood type of any of my family is.)

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Robyn, I think you should write to Alton Brown and ask him to do a frozen and thawed vs non-frozen egg show, and let us in on the science of this. Inquiring minds want to know!

I think that if the cookies I make later today come out cake-y and prove my frozen-and-then-thawed eggs = cake-like cookies theory is proven correct, then I very well might do that!

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Now, why did this make me think of you?

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Hmph. I cannot imagine!

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I keep meaning to ask you if you have any Bathroom Kitties? My male cat Chip is almost inevitably in the shower several times a day or just laying about on the floor in front of it. Amber shows NO interest, but he the total Guardian of the Shower. Cracks me up.

We have Spanky, who is our Bathroom Ambassador. If you walk toward the bathroom, Spanky gets very excited and runs so that he is walking into the bathroom ahead of you. He rubs against every surface he sees, and he purrs and purrs. Then you say “Okay, I’m fine, you may go now” and he vacates the premises. He just wants to make sure you’re comfortable before he leaves you alone, apparently.

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Jesus H. I stop reading for a week and you have dogs.

That’s why you can never take your eye off me for one minute! “Stop reading for a week” indeed!

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The second pic that Nance took of you, you look about 12!

My favorite picture of those three is the last one. I look so concerned, like I’m about to say “And how does that make you FEEL?”, and it cracks me up every time I see it.

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What kind of teeny birds are those on the feeder? their color looks so… milky or something. but not like, white. just… smooth and blended. even though I don’t really blend my milk.

2009-01-12 (12)

Those are Tufted Titmouse – which I only know because I posted a picture of them shortly after we bought this house and was like “What the hell are these?” and several people told me what they are. I think they are seriously purrrrrty.

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You have the prettiest birds, really. But that won’t stop me from have chicken pot pie for dinner tonight

2009-01-16 (1)

I agree, we have some very pretty chickens – and it doesn’t stop us from eating chicken, it surely shouldn’t stop anyone else!

Earlier this week, we had chicken enchiladas and I had enough meat left over to make a small batch of chicken and rice casserole. SO good!

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I have been taken aback at this season’s Real Housewives. I got interested in it last year (The Orange County is my favorite, the others are just wannabes). But the CATTINESS!! I don’t remember it being so blatant last year, do you? Last year, it seemed more like it just highlighted each of their lives. This year, they are so catty, they are meowing. Or did I miss it last year??


The Real Housewives is my favorite guilty pleasure. They are beyond catty this season. Is it just me or is Vicki the most obnoxious person to ever draw breath? Poor Don and her poor kids! Love to hate her.

I think the Housewives have increased their assholery since last year. The most recent episode made me really REALLY not like Tamra and her trashy fucking son. God, what a couple of sleazeballs. Did you see the way he kept pawing Gretchen? HE GRABBED HER ASS when she was clearly beyond three sheets to the wind.

Vicki is the most insecure, neediest woman I have ever seen in my life. Between the following her mother around begging “Tell me you love me!” and “How come you never buy anything for ME?” and the automatically disliking the new housewives, and the bitchiness about how Gretchen likes to be the center of attention – POT KETTLE BLACK, Vicki!

I feel sorry for Gretchen, because she’s such a sweet girl and to be thrown in with those women, especially Tamra, who is clearly so very perfect that she can pass judgment on Gretchen taking a day off to get away from the hospital. Tamra deserves Simon-the-douche, I think.


And Lynne and her husband at dinner, talking about how a bottle of wine was missing and it was probably their daughter, gosh we should really do something about that, yeah let’s get right on that, :shrug: I predict an alcohol-related accident on their daughter’s part before the season is over.

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I swearz….I was just looking at some lolcats….and look what I found!

I love that site!

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Love the names you picked out for the Dogs, I am assuming George Burns and Gracie Allen?

But of course – although I have to admit that I didn’t come up with the idea on my own. It was shortly after I read this entry at One December that we decided to get dogs, and I immediately knew that I wanted to use those names.

Fred protested, but he didn’t have a choice in the matter.

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In one paragraph you say “where did my muscles come from?” and then in the next paragraph you talk about pushing 240lbs of kitty litter around. I’m not a Dr. and I don’t even play one on TV, but I’m guessing you may have answered your own question.


Muscles come from lugging litter and Jimmy’s cracked corn and boxes and kitty crates, etc., etc., etc.

Okay, I suppose you have a POINT. I was just surprised because I haven’t done any more of that stuff in the last year than I did the year before – but my mistake was in not realizing that it’s entirely possible that I gained muscle from doing all that in 2007, I just didn’t have an InBody scan to compare it to from the previous year!

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Off topic, did Nance tell you that they have FiestaWare cat and dog bowls? I confessed in her comment section awhile back that I’m such an addict that my cats eat out of FW bowls. My complaint is that they don’t offer them in all of the colors, so our cat bowls don’t match our plates and bowls. My name is Mia and I am an addict.

No, she certainly did not tell me that – Nance, you have been lacking in my FiestaWare education!

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I also saw the Purina One food. I was just curious…does that seem to work well with the kitties? I am using Iams and would like to switch, since Purina One is slightly less expensive.

I actually bought that bag of Purina One Urinary Tract Health food a few months ago when Joe Bob developed a UTI. We got the prescription stuff from our vet, and I thought I’d try them on the Purina One version, but they liked the prescription stuff so much that I didn’t have the heart to switch them over.

I’ve always heard good things about Purina One food, though, if that helps!

(By the way, when my sister and nephew were visiting, she kept calling Joe Bob “Billy Joe”, and it cracked me UP.)

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Hmm..we used to use Fresh Step, but the dust was terrible. Do you not have that problem?

Yeah, it’s pretty dusty, but the litterboxes are all in locations (laundry room, bathroom, foster kitten closet) where the dust doesn’t bother us.

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I can see Spud has features that are different from yours, but riddle me this? If she doesn’t look like you, then explain the phenomena that is how her and Brian look like brother and sister? LOL

It’s a mystery, is what it is! Like someone mentioned, it’s probably that she looks enough like me that people see the resemblance, and Brian’s mother and I look like each other, so he resembles her, so there’s enough of a resemblance there that they look like siblings? Maybe? Sounds good to me!

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Random question – what is that green thing by Claudette as she is grooming herself in the sun?

2009-01-14 (5)

It’s a laser toy. You turn it on, open the top, and a laser light goes in circles. Some cats find it fascinating, other cats couldn’t be less interested.

Here it is, in action:

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Glad to see that Miz Poo is overseeing Claudette’s grooming techniques. You would not want to adopt a kitten out that doesn’t know proper grooming techniques.

Miz Poo always likes to make sure that the babies are super clean before she releases them out into the world!

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[the vet] and the other employees of the clinic actually take ivomec every month themselves, but they’ve never tasted it straight (apparently it’s really good with Coffeemate in it)

!!! Wait – the who’s in the what now?

*a little bit of Googling later*
I had no idea that humans could get heartworms. Although Wiki says it’s of negligible consequence. Still.

I shall now proceed to spend the next three months being faintly worried that this goddamn cough, for which I have undergone four separate courses of antibiotics and multiple other treatments unsuccessfully, is indicative that I have A GIGANTIC WORM LIVING IN MY HEART SLURPING UP MY BLOOD.

“Thanks so much,” Robyn! (c;

Seriously, though, do they take it to protect themselves against heartworms, since they are high-exposure, or is there some other reason for it?

*more reading*

Wiki says: “Usually the adult worms are killed with an arsenic-based compound. The currently approved drug in the US, melarsomine dihydrochloride, is marketed under the brand name Immiticide.” [bolding mine]


Though I didn’t ask any questions (I wish now that I had!), my impression was that the vet and employees use Ivomec as a broad-spectrum dewormer rather than a heartworm-specific dewormer.

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Robyn, would you please post that link to the recipe website where they keep updating recipes and all things food? I can’t remember what it is called but it has multiple pictures of recipes on each page and continuously updates. Thanks.

Tastespotting! God, I love that site.

(I also love Half Assed Kitchen. I made the chocolate pudding last night and it was just what I needed on a cold-ass winter night!)

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How long were your eggs frozen for? Do you think it might work if I froze some eggs for a week, thaw them, then bake? My husband has always ADORES cake like cookies. I’ve tried many recipes in the past, but none of them really were that good in my opinion. They were good directly out of oven, but then turned to bricks. I’m going to give it a try with the frozen egg theory. How long does it take to thaw and egg?

They were frozen for at least a couple of months, but I bet that if you just froze them for a couple of days or a week and then thawed them, they’d likely be the same.

I usually take the eggs out and put them in a bowl about an hour before I want to use them, they thaw pretty quickly that way!

Let me know how it goes!!!

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There is a cat in my complex who is always outside – even when it is cold. I have put a heavy fleece blanket outside on my lawn chair for it to sleep on – which he/she does regularly. But sometimes I think it is too cold for that (I have a big, mean inside cat who would hate it if I let the outside cat in, otherwise I totally would), but as a next best solution is there something like a dogloo for an outside cat? Am I enabling too much?

I think your cat friend would likely sleep in a dogloo (or other kind of less expensive dog house!) if you put one out there. For that matter, a small carrier with a blanket in it might work, too. They also make these neat self-warming pads that you could put in the bottom of the house or carrier.

Are you enabling too much? Do you know that you’re asking that question of someone who insisted that her husband build a small house for the front porch for cats who weren’t (at that point) ours? And that the house comes complete with a heated pad and a warming lamp?

Probably when it comes down to it, if the cat gets cold, s/he can likely find a place to keep warm – but there’s nothing wrong with making sure s/he’s comfortable!

Cat enablers, unite!

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Kindle thoughts? (Not Yankee Kindle Candles)

It seems just the sort of thing that might interest you, combining reading and a fun gadget. I don’t have it or any other electronic reader so I can’t say whether it would be worth it.

I have actually messed around with Nance‘s Kindle and think it’s pretty damn neat. I do want one, but I decided I’d wait a year or two before I start agitating about wanting one* so that all the bugs can be worked out. Maybe I’ll get one for Christmas 2009!

* The steps to getting stuff I want are as follows: 1. Talk occasionally about the item. 2. Talk frequently about the item. 3. Talk constantly about the item. 4. Be told “THEN GET ONE IF IT WILL SHUT YOU UP! JESUS!” (Fred has a low patience threshhold when I start whining about wanting something. We both do, actually – thus the reason he now owns a Yamaha DGX-625 keyboard.) 5. Decide I’m not sure whether I really want the item. 6. Decide I do. 7. Get the item.

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Robyn, I’m not sure we should take your word on the taste difference in the cookies made with the two types of eggs. The only way we will believe you is to taste the difference ourselves. Please send all of us 6 of each type of cookie for evaluation. I’ll e-mail my address to you right now!! LOL!!!!!

Wouldn’t you just die if a box o’ cookies showed up on your doorstep? 🙂 (Fred would kill me if I sent out 1200 boxes of cookies, I suspect!)

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2009-01-16 (2)
“I’m going to the vet’s AGAIN? Are you shitting me? Why you hate the Poo?”

(Miz Poo’s been obsessively grooming and now has herself a belly bare of fur. She’s driving me nuts. Wish us luck at the vet’s!)

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