6/4/10 – Friday

Have you heard the latest KATG episode, and what are your thoughts? I’m actually about 15 episodes behind, but Nance told me there was something big brewing, so I downloaded it and listened to it on Sunday. For those of you not in the know, Keith and Chemda announced in Friday’s show that they had … Continue reading “6/4/10 – Friday”

Have you heard the latest KATG episode, and what are your thoughts?

I’m actually about 15 episodes behind, but Nance told me there was something big brewing, so I downloaded it and listened to it on Sunday.

For those of you not in the know, Keith and Chemda announced in Friday’s show that they had broken up and are no longer and couple. Not only that, they broke up a year and a half ago and have been pretending they were a couple because the book contract they signed stipulated (since the book is a relationship book) that they had to remain a couple for at least a year.

My thoughts are (1) THANK GOD they’re not ending the podcast, (2) I sure as shit couldn’t tell they weren’t a couple (I’ve gone back to where I was listening before, 15 episodes back, and I don’t know, there’s maybe the occasional moment where you can tell they’re not actually a couple any more, but they’re few and far between and easily shrugged off. (3) Mostly, I’m just sad that they broke up, because it certainly seemed like they were going to last, didn’t it?

A lot of people in the forums (well, not a LOT, but a few at least) were pissed that Keith and Chemda have spent the last year and a half “lying”, but when I think about how incredibly lonely it must have been for them, not being able to discuss it with friends, having to keep up the charade that they were still a couple, well, it’s another part that makes me sad for them.

I hope that they’re able to keep the podcast going for a good long time!

And, why is the cat not pooping in the litter box? I know I should be thrilled that it is poop and not pee, but seriously. Not a pleasant good morning, how-dee-do! Damn cats.

If I knew the answer to that, I’d be a millionaire. My usual advice is to make sure there are enough litter boxes for the number of cats you have, and that they’re kept clean. Some cats are pickier than others about the cleanliness of their litter boxes.




I do not understand how you get a damn thing done all day. I cannot pass by one of my two sleeping kitties without burying my face in their fur, pulling their ears and declaring them mine, or playing with their toes. You have umpteen billion chances each day to do the same, and you have KITTENS in the house. I would be living in squalor if there were kittens in the house.

I spend a LOT of time picking up cats and kissing them. A LOT. And I don’t clean the house NEARLY as often as I should. Can you imagine the state of my house if I had to work a real job? I shudder to think!




That must be the best! box! ever! (And who is looking in the window at all the hot box action going on?)

No wonder all the cats in the ‘hood want to live with you. It’s like a giant fud buffet and cat Disneyworld and indulgent parents, all rolled up into one fantabulous house.

In that movie, it’s Maxi who is looking judgmentally through the window at the kittens playing with the box. And of COURSE all the cats in the neighborhood want to live with us. Where else will they get their very own canned-food snack every night, along with as much dry food as they can shove in their mouths?

Spoil the cats? Us? NAH.




I took martial arts for a college semester and learned how when you use your “chi”,you are 25% stronger.To ME,chi meant I took a breathe and used force,either kicking,punching,pushing or pulling. I find the difference in strength amazing.I practiced using it with other apps.than martial arts-breaking down boxes,opening jars… and pulling weeds! Whether big or small,I found that when I breathe in before I start to pull the weed,the weeds and all of the weed’s roots come as well.
I am sure that there are many martial artists reading your posts who may disagree with my explanation of all things “chi”,I just know that it works well for me…Happy Weed-Pullin’!

Next time I weed (which won’t be too soon, if given the choice!), I’ll give that a try. I have to say, I don’t much care for weeding, but when I pull up one of those really big weeds, and it comes up and the roots tear free of the dirt, well, I really kind of enjoy that.




I have taken magazines out of a recycling bin, and a vintage vase. I justify this by recycling lots ‘o crap.

Coincidentally, I was just talking about/bemoaning the fact that we need some friggin’ newspapers to smother the weeds in the garden, but we no longer subscribe. I think I’m going to raid the Kroger bin later! You’ve corrupted me! (Donald Sutherland is pointing at YOU)

Really, when you think about it, we ARE recycling the newspaper after all, right? Hell, at the end of the growing season, Fred will run the tiller over the garden, and the newspaper will break down and help nourish next year’s crop!




Be sure to save all your receipts for the trees. lowe’s and home depot have a year warranty on trees and plants. it might be 2 years. just bring them a receipt and the dead tree and they will swap it out at no charge.

In April, Fred actually dug up and returned some apple trees we bought at Lowe’s last Fall because they died. Just another reason we love Lowe’s!




Somebody, and we won’t mention any names, is spending a lot more time outdoors weeding shit and had better put some sunscreen on. You’re turning into one big freckle.

I know, I know. The problem is that I get all the way out to the garden and THEN remember that I haven’t put the sunblock on, and I don’t want to haul my ass all the way back to the house. I suppose if I put a tube of sunblock out in the wood shed, it’d be easy to get to, and I wouldn’t be courting a lovely case of skin cancer.




Robyn, I was reading through some past entries, good entertainment for a Memorial Day evening when I am too tired from working in the garden to do anything else…and some of those were the Gatlinburg entries. And I would like to hereby nominate the “I like cheese, just not on salad” for your “best of” page. I hadn’t thought of that in forever, but it made me laugh all over again.

Your wish, my command! If any of you guys ever run across an entry you think belongs on the “Best Of” page, feel free to let me know, and I’ll add it.




I found this verrrry cute webpage with photos of kitties in boxes, just thought you and some readers would enjoy it:

25 Comfortable Ways of Sleeping in a Box

Too cute!




Doesn’t Miz Poo get a snack? I can’t imagine her sharing with any of the other cats.

Miz Poo is one of those rare cats who has zero interest in anything other than dry kibble. She doesn’t eat canned food, she doesn’t eat people food. The one thing she does like other than her dry kibble is the juice from a can of tuna, so when Fred has tuna sandwiches, he gives her a bowl of the juice and she slurps it up and smacks anyone who comes near.




Oh, such a bad boy. Yesterday, after bragging about how he hadn’t needed any time outs on Wednesday, Corbett required THREE time outs! And the third was 15 minutes instead of 10 because he went to the back door, LOOKED RIGHT AT ME, and then slipped through the cat door. The cheek!

BAD. (But OH so gorgeous!)

Rhyme is a GOOD boy. He likes to sleep near the back door and watch the cats come in and go out, but he hasn’t tried going out himself. YET.

Bolitar (who’ll likely get his head smacked when Miz Poo wakes up) loves to run out the side door when we open it, but he gets out there and doesn’t know what to do, which makes him easy to snatch up and carry back inside.

Marches to the beat of his owner drummer, that Corbett.





Paws up, y’all!

Smilin’ Garrity.


Talk about your baleful look, eh?




Stinkerbelle would like me to keep my distance, please.




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