2/22/12 – Alice Wednesday

Tandem jumping, starring Alice Mo and Lucy Peppers. Alice Mo is 1/16th Cherokee. True story. Eye on the prize. Got too close to Lucy Peppers, got all hissy. Lucy looks terrified, no? Okay, drama queen, dial it back. “NO REALLY I AM NOT KIDDING YOU, LUCY PEPPERS ::HISS::HISS::HISS:: ” Lucy’s like “No, seriously. WHAT is … Continue reading “2/22/12 – Alice Wednesday”

2012-02-22 (1)
Tandem jumping, starring Alice Mo and Lucy Peppers.

2012-02-22 (2)
Alice Mo is 1/16th Cherokee. True story.

2012-02-22 (3)
Eye on the prize.

2012-02-22 (4)
Got too close to Lucy Peppers, got all hissy. Lucy looks terrified, no?

2012-02-22 (5)
Okay, drama queen, dial it back.

2012-02-22 (6)

2012-02-22 (7)
Lucy’s like “No, seriously. WHAT is her problem?”

2012-02-22 (8)
Leapin’ Lucy.

2012-02-22 (9)
Apparently that jump was just an excuse to get closer to Alice and unleash the Peppers Paw o’ Doom. She’s a smart girl, that Lucy Peppers.

2012-02-22 (10)
The bullies always crumble when you stand up to them, don’t they? A LIFE LESSON FOR YOU.

2012-02-22 (11)
Note that she hisses at Corbie as she brushes by him, but he’s concentrating so hard on the teaser that he doesn’t even notice her.

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Thank you all for the name and group name suggestions! I am definitely naming little mama “Emmy”, and the litter name will be (drumroll please) “The Nominees.”

A couple of people suggested that group name, but Andrea/ Luanne suggested it first, which means that she wins bragging rights! Try not to let it go to your head, Andrea, though I’m sure that you’ll make room on your resume for that. 🙂

The list of names that are in the running for the kittens (whenever they may come) are: Golden, Clio, Obie, Tony, Razzie (Fred insists that it’s “ie” not “y”. WHATEVS.), Espy, Darwin, Hugo, Sama, Olivier, Genie, Brit, Dundee, Peabody, and Pulitzer. These names are not in the running because they’ve been used for shelter cats in the past: Oscar, Juno, and Felix.

I can pretty much guarantee you that we’re going to have a Darwin and a Razzie out of this litter, because I REALLY like those names. Well, I like all of those names, actually, but I like Darwin and Razzie especially.

Mama Emmy is doing well. She seems to prefer to spend her days in the kennel and her nights in the basket on the wall. She’s no longer holding her ears out to the side in a manner that suggests “I hate you and want to kill you”, but rather holds them in a more relaxed, perked manner. I decided to stop being scared of her because I think that bringing that kind of energy into the room with me was not a good idea (have I been watching My Cat From Hell, do you think?) and look – if she lashes out and scratches me, it won’t be the first or last time that happens to me. I make frequent short trips into the room to visit her, and rub her ears each and every time, which she enjoys. She also talks to me a little – she talks to Fred more than she does to me, but I think we’ve established that the mama cats have a deep and abiding love for him.

She also howls at night. I thought, the first night it happened, that it might mean she was ready to have her kittens, but it’s been three nights running now, and there aren’t any kittens yet. I’m sure that she’s lonely – there were a lot of cats in that house where she was living, so being alone is probably not something she’s accustomed to. I had thought at first that maybe we should see about bringing another cat from that house here to keep her company, but mama cats are protective of their kittens and I’d hate to bring a cat into the room to keep her company, only to have her stressed about protecting her kittens from the other cat. I think that she’s still scared and lonely and just not sure what to make of this whole situation. But we are making progress, little by little, so I think we’re going to be okay.

She drew first blood on Fred yesterday, though it was HIS OWN FAULT. He tried to pick her up – have I mentioned that he always pushes the new cats further than I think he should? – and in her strong desire to get away from him, she scratched up his arms with her back claws.

I mean, let us not forget that when he tried to pick Rufus up, WAY before Rufus was ready to be picked up, we ended up with poop on the wall.

2012-02-22 (12)

2012-02-22 (13)
Isn’t she a purty girl?

2012-02-22 (14)
Okay, a little bit glare-y. But I did wake her up. Maybe she’s grumpy when she first wakes up.

I was able to finally get a good look at her belly, though I didn’t touch it. I can report that I absolutely, definitely saw baby movement. I bet it won’t be TOO long now! (Though of course I thought that exact same thing with Maggie when we brought her home last year, and she hung in there for over two weeks before she had her babies!)

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2012-02-22 (16)
Spanky, mid-yawn.

2012-02-22 (15)
He’s such a sweet boy.

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