that put the fear of God in them! The sound made them pause their rambunctiousness. They looked at me, looked at each other, then looked back at me. "What the fuck was that?" Stimpy asked, sniffing the air. "I’m snapping at you so you’ll knock it off!" I told him. "Now, stop!" "Oh yes," said Snoopy. "We must stop, or she’ll snap the mighty Snap O’ Doom again!" And then they laughed their kitty laughs before they raced off. The little bastards. My parents and the spud made it back from Nashville around 4:00 this afternoon. They appear to have had a good time, aside from getting lost in the Opryland Hotel (where they only visited, not wanting to shell out the bucks to stay). They hit the Nashville Zoo, Andrew Jackson’s homestead, and a bunch of other places I can’t remember. ]]>