done. And I made the appointment for next time before I left, ’cause if the appointment is made, I’ll force myself go. Once I left The Big Tease (yes, that’s really the name!), I stopped by to get the new glasses I picked out yesterday.
New glasses
I’m not sure why I bothered buying two pair, except they were on sale. I only wear glasses at night for an hour or less after I take my contacts out and very rarely when I feel like my eyes need a break from the contacts for a day. The final verdict is in, and we’re not going to Florida this weekend. We are, however, going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee next weekend. We’re leaving Thursday and coming back Sunday night. And in the meantime, we’re going to rent a 2500 square foot chalet with a pretty good view, 4 bedrooms, a pool table, a ping pong table (Fred found it important that y’all know all the details), and a hottub on the deck. It sounds like there’s a lot to do in Gatlinburg, so it should be fun. I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures! Here’s an interesting question for y’all. When you get those "free" address stickers in the mail – you know the ones I mean, the ones from the Veterans or from the North Shore Animal League – do you keep them even if you don’t send them money? I do, and I use them, but a certain someone seems to feel that it’s akin to stealing. Even though I didn’t ASK for the address stickers, even though I’ve never sent money to the people who send me address stickers, because all they’ll do is buy more supplies to make more address stickers with the money I send. So what about y’all? Do you keep and use them without paying, send money and use them, or just toss them? I’m really curious, so email me and tell me, won’t you? —–]]>