Bill Heard Chevrolet – which is where we got my previous vehicle, the much-loathed and not-at-all-missed truck – is running a radio ad these days that truly peeves me. They’re talking about their special program to extend credit to people who have a hard time finding it elsewhere, and they start listing all the people to whom they’re willing to extend credit: "Bankruptcy! Divorced ladies! Single working ladies!" Now, isn’t that just mighty freakin’ GENEROUS of them, to be willing to finance crappy used cars for divorced or single working ladies? Ah, the heart warms. The kitten (really, how many entries did y’all think I could go without mentioning her?) has the cutest damn meow. It sounds like "Em-WEE, em-WEE", and she always looks so earnest when she meows like that, as if she’s trying to say "The kitchen’s on fire! Get out of here, beeotch!" Speaking of the kitten, she went into the extra room downstairs while I was hanging up a shirt to dry, and I didn’t notice her sneaking in, so I shut the door behind me on my way out (if we don’t keep the door shut, Fancypants – that bastard – poops in the corner of the room. I don’t know why he does it, but it sure does piss me off). About an hour later, I heard the door banging and frantic meowing sounds. I opened the door, and she rubbed against my legs and told me of her tale of woe, which sounded pretty much like "Em-WEE! Em-WEE!" According to weather.com, it’s supposed to be sunny and 78 today, but it’s more like 65 and cloudy. I’d just really like to have two or three hot, sunny days in a row – is that so much to ask? The pool actually got up to 92 Friday, and Fred, the spud and I went swimming after dark. It was like stepping into a bathtub. Which is a good thing in my opinion; another 5 degrees, and it would have been the same temp as the hottub in G’burg the first time we got into it. Speaking of G’burg, Fred was talking about going back to G’burg, just he and I, while the spud is in Maine. I’m not sure whether it’ll happen or not, but it would be nice if it did. God knows I don’t get enough time to just lay around and take it easy.