Since the movies I rented on Friday had to be back by tonight, I watched For Love of the Game yesterday afternoon, Eye of the Beholder last night after Fred went to bed, and Crazy in Alabama this morning. To my surprise, Crazy in Alabama was actually a good little movie; that cute little Lucas Black can do no wrong in my eyes. And I usually loathe Melanie Griffith, but she was surprisingly charming in this movie. It’s not for everyone – I know Fred would term it a "suck movie" – but I liked it. The other two movies were pretty much a waste of time, though. I’m so excited! Fred has the opportunity to go see Tony Robbins in Denver at the end of July, and not only is he going to go, but I’m going with him! I’m not going to go to the Tony Robbins seminar, but I’ve never been to Denver (or most states around there), so while Fred’s busy I’m going to find sightseeing, touristy things to do. If any of y’all have ever been to Denver and have any suggestions, let me know! We also decided that we’re going to spend the 4th of July weekend in Gatlinburg. Between the trips to Gatlinburg, Denver, and driving back and forth to Pennsylvania and Maine, I’ll do more traveling this summer than I have since we drove from Maine to California to catch the plane for Guam when I was 8 or thereabouts. Ah, world traveler, me. My sister went to Montana last Fall (was it Fall, Deb?), because she’s always, always wanted to visit there. I’d like to see Montana someday, myself. I promised her that when I won the lottery, I’d buy her a house in Montana, as long as I could stay with her a few times a year. I’d also like to visit the Outer Banks (NC), Seattle, Texas, Arizona, Virginia (though I’ve been through it, and actually stayed in a hotel in Virginia for one night – well, one or two nights, I don’t recall – I didn’t really experience the state, since I was locked in a hotel room with Fred, having large amounts of sex), Boston (been through it, been into it to go to the airport to pick up a friend, but never did the tourist thing), and New York City. Not to mention the thousand and one other countries I’d like to visit – Scotland chief amongst them. Maybe someday. —–]]>