JC Penney this morning (note to self: JC Penney has online shopping) in hopes of finding her a couple of nice outfits, as well as a dress, because she’s wearing dresses my mother made for her two years ago and it drives me crazy. Oh, I hate shopping. Especially at stores like JC Penney, where we wandered around and around and around before we found a couple of acceptable shirts and shorts. I couldn’t, for the life of me, find a decent dress – they were all “career casuals” or sleeveless tank dresses, and she won’t wear sleeveless anything. So we bought the stuff I’d found and went out into the mall, stopping here and there to poke through various stores, before we made it to Dillard’s, where we wandered around for another 45 minutes before I FINALLY found a dress. At least in Wal-Mart I know where to find everything. And everything’s CHEAP. For 2 1/2 outfits and a dress, I dropped $110 at the mall. I hate the mall. I hate shopping. When I was growing in the womb, my love-to-shop organ failed to develop. o after we shopped at the mall, we went to Office Depot and bought the spud’s school supplies. They’ve completely revamped the store since last I was there – I guess it’s been a couple of months – but we still managed to find everything. There went $50, out the window. Damn, I hate spending money. And damn, could this entry be any more boring? Oh look, it’s Robyn, bitching. How unusual. I’m in a bad mood. I need to go swimming. I want Fred to stop being busy at work and talk to me on IRC. I want it to be time to leave for Pennsylvania, to see Deb and Brian (and my Mom). I want it to be time to go to Gatlinburg. I want the kitten to let me hug her and kiss her, instead of jumping up on the desk and prancing back and forth across my keyboard. I need a nap.]]>